The Pixar Predicament.

Twas the night before ‘Brave’ came out, and all through the country
All kids were awaiting it, and nothing rhymes with country.

Okay, so I’m hyped up for ‘Brave’, but just recently, I saw the trailer for ‘Monsters University’, and I’ve gotta say “Really, Pixar? You should be ashamed of yourself!’  For most people, Pixar started to fade away with the release of Cars 2. I consider it a guilty pleasure, but THIS is why Pixar is starting to fall. I mean, a prequel to Monsters Inc? You do realize that Boo is a completely adorable and marketable character, and she won’t be appearing in this film!

I guess I assumed Pixar would do something clever with ‘Monsters University’, like having orientation meetings and scare tactics, and take place in a building that somewhat resembled Monsters Inc. And to be fair, maybe it does. Most of Pixar’s teaser trailers don’t show any actual film footage. But the tone is what really drives me.

Pixar also MIGHT be making a fourth ‘Toy Story’ movie, despite the fact that the third film’s ending was perfect. If you think Toy Story is nice and marketable, make a prequel to that! Or what about making a sequel to ‘The Incredibles’, or ‘Ratatouille”?

So is Pixar attempting to redeem itself? Tomorrow we’ll all know. Peace out.

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