Best Of The Best Pictures: Best Original Song

It’s surprising how few of the Best Picture winners have Original Songs. For this one category, I reduced the top 25 to a top 20. And the few songs that missed the top 20 really weren’t that memorable.

20.) “My Lord Sunshine” – 12 Years A Slave
19.) “Our Love Is Here To Stay” – An American In Paris
18.) “It’s A Bore” – Gigi
17.) “I Move On” – Chicago (nominated)
16.) “Going My Way” – Going My Way
15.) “O Saya” – Slumdog Millionaire (nominated)
14.) “In The Heat Of The Night” – In The Heat Of The Night
13.) “The Night They Invented Champagne” – Gigi
12.) “I Got Rythym” – An American In Paris
11.) “Gigi” – Gigi (WON)

We’re in the top ten now. Here are the runners up.

10.) “Re-Enlistment Blues” – From Here To Eternity

A basic blues melody, pretty short, but it fits nicely into the story and it’s enjoyable to listen to.

9.) “All Love Can Be” – A Beautiful Mind

I really like this song while I’m listening to it… but then I forget the melody a few minutes later.

8.) “Gonna Fly Now” – Rocky (nominated)

Super iconic and ideal exercise music, but how does this even qualify as a song? Does anyone remember what the lyrics are?

7.) “Jai Ho” – Slumdog Millionaire (WON)

It’s a fun and memorable song, but it’s placement in the film is so bizarre.

6.) “Into The West” – The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (WON)

I don’t remember this playing in the movie, but it’s a nice and peaceful melody, and I like listening to it.

Okay, down to the nominees. We have two Oscar winners, one Oscar nominee, and two that were snubbed. Also, links to the songs are included. Anyway, here are the nominees.

“AS TIME GOES BY” – Casablanca


I’m not 100% if this is actually an original song or if it was written before the film, but since everyone associates the song with the film then I don’t think it really matters. If I’m wrong then I’ll change it, but for now I’m keeping it in. Either way, this is song is incredible and beautiful, and it’s very fitting that this song is still just as relevant now as it was in 1943.



For me, this was the highlight of the movie, even though it’s basically just an old couple reminiscing about a date they had years ago. It’s a simple scene that doesn’t really serve the story and could have been cut from the film, but I often find that those are the most effective. I have to credit a YouTuber named ‘Astonyshing’ who commented on the video, “Of course women get their facts right while men live with their illusions…”

“IN THE DEEP” – Crash


Crash was a difficult movie to watch, because so much of it just shows the immense hatred that humanity is capable of. But by the time we get to this song, the film allows us to take a deep breath and just take in everything that’s been happening. Maybe I’m just a sucker for these kind of stories, but I really liked this movie, and this song was really powerful. Despite everything that happens, life goes on – for better or for worse.



I bet you all saw this coming. A lot of people don’t like the romance element in the film, and if that’s your opinion, then I respect that. But I’m willing to bet that this song stayed with you even if the story didn’t. It’s just so beautiful, it fits the film perfectly, and Celine Dion sings it really well. I simply don’t think that the film would have been as effective without this ballad.

“SWINGIN’ ON A STAR” – Going My Way


I didn’t even realize that this song came from a movie, but it did. No matter what your opinions are on the film, you can’t deny that this song is really good. True, it’s placement in the film is kind of weak, but the song has become iconic outside of the film, and the melody and lyrics are pretty darn sweet. And of course Crosby performs it very it well.

Coming up next: “Best Original Score”.


3 – Titanic

2 – Platoon

1 – All Quiet On The Western Front
1 – Amadeus
1 – Casablanca
1 – Crash
1 – Gigi
1 – Going My Way
1 – The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King
1 – Midnight Cowboy
1 – Rebecca
1 – Unforgiven

5 thoughts on “Best Of The Best Pictures: Best Original Song

  1. I agree that MHWGO is such a great song and helps make Titanic so endearing. I use to listen to the soundtrack all the time and the entire score by James Horner is amazing to listen to

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