My Opinions on BlueSky

With the release of ‘Ice Age 4’, as well as the ‘Epic’ trailer, I feel it’s only right to give my thoughts on a company called BlueSky. Okay, now before I get a lot of angry comments, hear me out. Everything I post on this site is opinion based. So don’t go crazy if I say anything you disagree with. I respect your opinion.

‘Ice Age’ came out when I was a toddler. I haven’t watched it in years, but I remember that it was my introduction to bad films. (Buy your torch and pitchforks here) While the animation was nice, the characters were annoying, the girl was an obvious ripoff of Boo from Monsters Inc, and.. Scrat! Oh, I can’t stand Scrat. Even as a toddler, I hated him. Not only does he have nothing to do with the plot, but It all boiled down to one joke. He gets horribly injured trying to get an acorn that we know he will NEVER get. Where’s the humor in that? When I was a toddler, I couldn’t bear the though of a cartoon character getting hurt. As far as I knew, they were living, breathing creatures that filmmakers were almost killing just so that they can get a good laugh. It’s the Hunger Games, man. And I can’t see why everyone finds him so funny.

I never saw ‘Robots’, but maybe I will sometime in the future. As for ‘Ice Age 2’, I saw that film just a few years ago. I was able to look at the film more critically, and.. yeah. It was pretty bad. There were a few choice gags that made me chuckle, but the film basically boiled down to everything that was in the first film. Bland, boring, stupid. BBS! wait..

I never saw ‘Horton Hears A Who’. And I think the less said about that the better. I also stayed away from ‘Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs’ . Wait.. there are dinosaurs in this movie? But there were people in the first movie. Is it a prequel? Nah. Is there some lame plot element to explain this? Wow, FAIL.

And now we come to ‘Rio’. This movie was okay. The story and characters lack something to be desired. But it’s the colorful animation and catchy songs that really make this film. Although the songs do get interrupted in the middle, which is weird. I mean, can you imagine if a Disney film did that? All joking aside, this was an enjoyable film.

Well, now that ‘Ice Age 4: The Subtitle Isn’t Worth It’ has come out, I plan on staying far away from that particular theatre. But then we have the ‘Epic‘ Trailer. Now, the best way to sum up my thoughts on this trailer is that the movie that I have been waiting my entire life for is being made.. by the wrong company. I mean, most of the trailer just screams “SEE THIS MOVIE”, but those talking slugs scream “HEY WE ARE UNFUNNY STEREOTYPES AND WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PLOT”

Write your thoughts down below.

(NOTE: The link at the beginning takes me to my mother’s website. She is an author who’s just getting her book of the ground, and I just figured I’d throw in a link to her website. What can I say? I’m a PR man!)

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