Best Picture Reviews: Cavalcade

When you watch a movie, there are two things your mind is worrying about- what’s going to happen to the characters, and when the movie will be over already. Hopefully, the filmmakers will try to make you lean towards the former, and when it works, it really works. But when it fails, you just sit there with one eye on the clock wondering how much longer is this thing. Which does Cavalcade do? Well, here is my reaction for you.

So what’s the story? Basically it’s the tale of several decades and how the characters change over time. If that sounds anything like another film I reviewed not too long ago, that’s because this film seems to be taking notes from Cimarron. It seems like they’re trying to make it more relatable for the Academy audiences. But this movie was released at the same year that the movie ends. Imagine if someone released a movie about what your life was basically like up until this moment. It’s kind of weird, and it doesn’t really take you back as much as Cimarron, which shows what your life might have been like if you lived in that time period.

Also, the movie has no real star, as it focuses on simply life. To be fair, the acting is decent, and one performance was even nominated for an Oscar. I don’t remember her name, but let’s just say she looks like Amy Adams. The main attraction to the film is the Academy Award winning art direction. There are a variety of sets and they are fairly large. If you’re a fan of art direction, this may be an interesting watch. I just hope you don’t mind bland characters and a story that’s even blander.


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