Best Picture Reviews: Mutiny On The Bounty

At first, the Best Pictures were hard to come across, as many of them were old and long-forgotten. But now, these movies are more popular and easy to find at my local library. So expect an abundance of these reviews. Anyway, after ‘It Happened One Night’, I look with mixed opinions over the next winner, ‘Mutiny On The Bounty’.

The story is of a ship called ‘The Bounty’, and the Captain, who is kind of a jerk. The ship docks in Tahiti (an hour in) where life is much more simple and peaceful due to their proud chief. (Think Robin Williams playing Albert Einstein and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the chief looks like.) But when they sail away, the first mate goes behind mutiny, and the rest is just a bunch of dialogue.

So what did I think of the movie? Well, the story is pretty hard to follow, and there are long periods of time where nothing is happening, Ironically, after the mutiny happens, the movie seems even more boring, because you’d think that the story would be over by now, but it keeps on going. The first act, while boring, does accurately create the feel of being stuck on a ship, and the second act seems to be a travel guide to Tahiti. The reason that the audience never gets bored until the third act is because of the art direction. The unbelievable attention to detail and realism of the shots makes me wonder what was possible in technology back then.

Overall, ‘Mutiny On The Bounty’ would be a great film, if it weren’t so darn boring! For curiosity’s sake, it’s fun to watch, but I probably wont be watching this one too many times. From now on, the result of my reviews will be based on how well the movie holds up over time, as a pose to how impressive it was back in the day. So, if you’re looking for a good movie to watch because your doctor says you need more sleep.. I’d probably go with ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’, but this one’ll do.


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