Personal Post: Animation into Live Action?

images-1To be fair, I probably should have posted this a LONG time ago. But, hey! Better late than never.

On January 12, 2013, jonasonsmovies released a very special video on YouTube, a live action shot-for-shot remake of the first Toy Story film. The video has currently over 9 million views, and has made history as the first live action remake of an animated film. Fans Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta took three years to complete the film, and major kudos to them. Granted, the effects are pretty cheap, but the simple fact that it was made the way it was is very impressive. And it does make you remember why you loved the Pixar classic in the first place.

During the credits, they mention doing the same with Toy Story 2, and I would like to know if they’re actually serious, or if they were just joking around. I will say that it’s a shame they’re from Northern California, because if they lived a little closer, I know I would volunteer to help with that project. Or maybe if they’re not doing it, I could try to do it myself, who knows? But again, major kudos to you guys!

But this is what personally got my attention: This film broke the record for being the first live action remake of an animated film. Does that mean we could have more in the future? Hey, if they made a shot-for-shot remake of Psycho, I would imagine that several YouTubers, or even major movie companies, would be interested. Because animated films are so creative, I think it would be extraordinarily fun to actually try to recreate something from an animated film. So, I thought I would name a few ideas for future remakes.

Up – Plenty of drama for actors to chew, but also some pretty good opportunities for effects. If you’re a cheapskate, simply putting a greenscreen on your front lawn and looking down could very well create the ‘flying house’ effect. Granted, there would have to be a dog trainer on set and perhaps a giant puppet for Kevin.

Coraline – Essentially the whole thing takes place at a house, so, location scouting would not be a problem. Maybe you could film all the scenes in the real world first, and then redecorate the place for the other world. Have fun with the button eye prosthetics!

Spirited Away – The director could decide whether they wanted the effects to be mostly practical or mostly visual. Either way, it would be a great opportunity to be creative. Perhaps the director could record each scene twice: one with the cast saying their lines in Japanese, and one in English.

WALL-E – Could be done with either robotics or actors in SERIOUS makeup. Perhaps WALL-E could look somewhere along the lines of C3PO from Episode 1, while Eve could be an andriod similar to those from I, Robot. Great opportunity to try out sans-dialogue acting.

How To Train Your Dragon – Should only be attempted if you have a serious budget. Could be shot on location in Europe. Perhaps the dragons could be achieved with motion capture, and Toothless could be played by Andy Serkis!

Any Disney Movie- Take your pick.

If you have any other ideas for an animated to live action remake, put them in the comments. I’d love to hear if any of you think this is a good idea.

UPDATE – Japanese director Takashi Shimizu is set to remake Kiki’s Delivery Service. No word yet on wether or not the film will be shot-for-shot, or if the film will come to American theaters.

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