2013 Movie Reviews: Iron Man 3


Yes, I’m really late about this. Currently the fifth highest grossing film of all time, Iron Man 3 won over audiences and critics alike with impressive visuals, an engaging story, and of course, THE TWIST. And no, I won’t actually spoil THE TWIST here. I’ll just say it was a good twist and focus on the story instead.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has lost some of his edge after the events of The Avengers and has become much more concerned with upgrading his Iron Man suits than spending time with his secretary/girlfriend Pepper Potts. (Gwenyth Palyrow) But when a terrorist known simply as The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) becomes known to the general public, Stark will have to keep fighting, no matter what the personal cost.

This is one of the most fun movies I’ve seen in a while. Sure, it has its fair share of dramatic beats, but this film is a basic definition of ‘popcorn flick’. The screenplay hits that perfect balance between lighthearted and complex. The acting is also very good, particularly from Kingsley, and the effects are Oscar-worthy. It’s a very enjoyable film from start to finish, and the guilds all did their part well.

I can’t say that Iron Man 3 is a perfect movie. It seems to take a lot of cliches from other action movies like Skyfall, The Dark Knight, and even The Incredibles. But bottom line, this was a highly enjoyable film that reminds us why superhero movies have such a large audience. I’d say go see it, but chances are, you already have.


3 thoughts on “2013 Movie Reviews: Iron Man 3

  1. Very helpful comments… I will take my kids to see this movie because I am a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan and I think it is a good movie franchise!

  2. This got some complaints from fans, but I really liked this installment. I think one reason I found it so interesting is that it addressed the issue of PTSD, which someone like Stark (who has a hero complex) who went through went he went through would experience. Downey does an excellent job portraying that. He’s also questioning his own worth without the suit, can he keep those he loves safe, and has to prove to himself that he some skills outside the suit to bring to the party. Ben Kingsley is also excellent.

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