2013 Movie Reviews: Monsters University

images-6Before the film began, I was treated to a plethora of mediocre trailers that seemed to set up 2013 as a very weak year for animated films. I calmed down a bit once the short “The Blue Umbrella” came on. I mean, say what you will about the quality of Pixar’s films, but their shorts just keep getting better. And then the film started, and it certainly wasn’t one of Pixar’s greatest, but you know what? It’s still Pixar!

One-eyed Mike Wazowski (Played again by Billy Crystal) is at the top of his class at Monsters University. Only one problem: he’s not scary. Classmate Sulley (John Goodman) is plenty scary but lacks the passion Mike has. Dean Hardscrabble (Hellen Mirren) says that neither is a proper scarer and removes them from the program. Mike, however, figures a way back in: winning the Annual Scare Games. But in order to win, He and Sulley have to work together.

The film’s opening scene has a surprisingly heartfelt tone to it, actually making you feel for Mike who, in the first film, did next to nothing. In this one, he actually has more personality and charm. Sulley is also given a bit of a darker side to him, even though he is still identifiable. Monsters U itself is a very charming place, and this world gets a bit more depth to it, even if some things are left unexplained.

The supporting characters, while likable, don’t add that much to the story. And some plot points go nowhere. So as the film goes on, you say. ‘Okay. I know what’s going to happen now. Celebration. End of movie.” And that’s when the film throws you a curveball. That’s where things get really interesting, and when the movie will have you on the edge of your seat.

Yes, it’s not Toy Story or Finding Nemo, but I don’t really think it’s supposed to be. This film blew all expectations out of the water and was still very enjoyable to watch. It’s the perfect mix of humor, heart, and that good old Pixar magic.


One thought on “2013 Movie Reviews: Monsters University

  1. I had heard that this was not as good as other animated movies, but your analysis made me think again . I loved your review, and while not a great animated movie,but then again, like you said, it is a Pixar!

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