Okay, I’ve got several reviews pending, but first, I thought this would be a good time to go over two important guilds that recently announced their nominations.



American Hustle (Sigh, this is getting on.)
Blue Jasmine (Surprise! of all the films here, this one is the least likely to get a Best Picture nomination. If not for Cate Blanchett, nobody would remember the film at all.)
Captain Phillips (Likely nominee.)
Dallas Buyers Club (Eventual Best Picture nomination? Don’t be surprised if it happens.)
Gravity (Good)
Her (Thank the Lord. My review of this is coming up.)
Nebraska (Another likely nominee.)
Saving Mr. Banks (It needed this to stay alive. I trust that it will get a BP nomination.)
12 Years A Slave (Well, of course.)
The Wolf Of Wall Street (I’m going to have to see this, aren’t I?)

Inside Llewyn Davis is noticeably absent. I’m not sure what to make of that. Overall, a strong list.


I just want to start out by saying that the Writer’s Guild will often deem certain films ineligible. This year, the miss list included 12 Years A Slave, Philomena, and Fruitvale Station, among others.


August: Osage County (This certainly helps, but it will have to make an effort to get in at the Oscars.)
Before Midnight (Am I gonna have to see all three movies now?)
Captain Phillips (No surprise there.)
Lone Survivor (Enjoy the nom, because you’re not gonna win.)
The Wolf Of Wall Street (Potential winner. Now I have to convince my parents to let me see it. Not really looking forward to it.)

No real surprise in this category. This was the last shot for films like Blue Is The Warmest Color and The Spectacular Now to make it on, but they missed it.


American Hustle (Can’t somebody just snub this movie?)
Blue Jasmine (We all know Woody Allen is only here because of his reputation)
Dallas Buyers Club (Really? Well, I’ll take it over the previous two nominees.)
Her (Thank YOU. Oh, and please win.)
Nebraska (Okay, I hope this can survive the competition)

The Best Original Screenplay category is PACKED. Gravity and Saving Mr. Banks were both given the cold shoulder while Inside Llewyn Davis is looking weak. Is it to late to title the song, “Please Mr. Academy”?

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