Let’sPredict: Best Cinematography

Here’s another category that’s pretty much set in stone. The academy will give it to a Best Picture nominee whenever they can, and they usually give it to the ‘prettiest’ film. And whenever one film is sweeping the Oscars, it usually takes Cinematography with it.

The Grandmaster is pretty much the exact opposite of everything I just said. I’m sure the cinematography is good and all, but how did this get nominated? Maybe a lot of people in the cinematography branch saw it, but how many voters altogether saw it? Also, even if someone did see the film, I can hardly imagine they’d rank it above…

Gravity. For starters it’s a Best Picture nominee. (and potentially winner) It’s also very beautiful. And awe inspiring. You get the sense while watching the film that there is no definitive ‘up’ or ‘down’, which isn’t something that you really feel while watching most space movies. Oh, and for the last four years, the Cinematography award has gone to the same film as the Visual Effects award. Do the math.

Some people may vote for Inside Llewyn Davis, which is very well shot. But the fact remains that the film is not a Best Picture nominee. It has it’s fans, sure, but I don’t think Academy members liked the film very much. Or at least, not enough to give it an award.

If there’s any film which has a chance of upstaging Gravity, it’s Nebraska. Not only is it the only other Best Picture nominee in the category, but it’s a beloved movie, and it’s probably not going to win anywhere else. This could be a big shocker on Oscar Night, but let’s not lose our heads. it’s still safest to predict Gravity.

Lastly, we have Prisoners, shot by the great Roger Deakins. This is his eleventh Oscar nomination, and my god, when is he gonna get recognized? Deakins’ work on the film is spectacular, but does it really matter? Even if you’ve seen the movie and liked it, most people still think that Gravity has the better cinematography. I wouldn’t mind seeing it win, but it ain’t happening.

WILL WIN: Gravity
RUNNER UP: Nebraska

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