BAFTA Results.

Okay, let’s try to get through the BAFTA’s.

Best Film went to 12 Years A Slave and Best British Film went to Gravity. Well, British Film was kind of a slam dunk, given the category. But.. did we really think that the they were going to give both awards to the same film? That happened a bunch of times in the 50s and 60s but it came to a sudden halt in 1966 when A Man For All Seasons won both. You know how many times it’s happened since then?

Once. The King’s Speech.

So only if a film is a slam dunk Best Picture winner (and British) does it ever win both. You could argue that they’re just trying to spread the wealth. But if you look closely, Gravity seems to be the true winner here. That film won six awards. 12 Years A Slave won two.

Onto the acting categories. In the male races, McConaughey and Leto were shut out, so Chiwetel Ejiofer and Barkhad Abdi won. It’s nice to see them get something this awards season. Supporting Actress went to Jennifer Lawrence. I still think Lupita has the upper hand. After all, Lawrence lost the BAFTA last year, so think of this as a makeup award. And then there’s Best Actress. This article explains exactly why Sandra Bullock should win by all means. But everybody can’t seem to stop yammering about how good Blanchett was. And don’t get me wrong. She was good. But she doesn’t deserve to win EVERYTHING!

Screenplays. In Original Screenplay, Her was somehow left off the nomination list. So American Hustle wins. You know what, fair enough. But Her‘s winning the Oscar. And then we had my favorite surprise of the night: Philomena winning Adapted Screenplay. I was so excited that once I realized how happy I was for the win, I went and changed my personal vote. Philomena‘s screenplay was downright amazing.

And the rest! Gravity wins Directing, Visual Effects, Cinematography, Score, and Sound. Expected. The Great Gatsby wins Production Design and Costume Design. It will probably win both Oscars. As for the unexpected, Rush wins Editing and American Hustle wins Makeup. Neither of those films were nominated for their respective awards, so this doesn’t really tell us much.

Animated, Foreign, and Documentary categories go the way of Frozen, The Great Beauty, and The Act Of Killing, respectively. All three victories are likely to repeat at the Oscars. Overall, a strong set of winners, and we’ll have to wait and see how this affects things in the long run.

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