Let’sPredict: Best Makeup & Hairstyling


The Academy never ceases to amaze me, particularly the Makeup and Hairstyling branch. You know what my picks for the Best Makeup of the year are? The Butler, Catching Fire, 12 Years A Slave. Seems like just the stuff that academy voters would go for. But, no, they throw us for a loop. And while all three of these films have good makeup, I don’t know how many people would call one of them the year’s best.

First off, we have Dallas Buyers Club. The makeup in the film is good, but it’s the most subtle of the three, and subtlety doesn’t do to well in the category. Still though it is a Best Picture nominee, which is a huge factor. The last time a Best Picture nominee lost this category to a non-Best Picture nominee was 1997. (Men In Black over Titanic) It probably will win on that alone, but there could be an upset.

Our next nominee is Jack@$$ Presents: Bad Grandpa. Remember how silly ‘Oscar Nominee Jack@$$’ sounded? Well what about ‘Oscar Winner Jack@$$’? Yeah, while the film’s makeup effects are impressive, it doesn’t seem likely that the academy will vote for a film where makeup is only prominently used on one character? And on top of that, a film as graphic as Jack@$$?

Finally, we have The Lone Ranger. I actually think this film has the strongest makeup of the three, from the facial hair, to the rough scars, to ‘Old Tonto’. And this film has a legitimate shot of pulling off an upset, as Dallas Buyers Club may be too subtle. But the reason I’m not predicting it to win is because not too many have seen it, and a lot of people don’t like it. But don’t completely disregard its chances.

WILL WIN: Dallas Buyers Club
RUNNER UP: The Lone Ranger
SHOULD WIN: The Lone Ranger

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