Let’s Predict: Best Live-Action Short


One week until the Oscars! I can hardly believe it, and we have to cover some of the trickier categories. I haven’t seen any of these films, and a lot of people aren’t predicting this category due to lack of interest. But not me. No, I have to look at every. single. category.

Do I Have To Take Care Of Everything? Actually, that’s not me talking, that’s the name of the first nominated short film. The short is a humorous look at a mother who struggles to do everything around the house. Frankly, I think it’s lucky to have gotten a nomination. It ain’t winning.

A film with a stronger chance is Helium, which tells the story of a dying boy and a man who tells comforting tales of a magical land. Seems inspiring. The question is, will academy members go for it. They’ve passed over ‘dying children’ shorts like this before, and it’s possible that the CGI might turn some people off.

Then we have Just Before Losing Everything. The film chronicles a day in the life of a woman who just left her abusive husband. It’s actually won a few things, and it might have a shot here, but I’m not so sure. The competition is pretty strong.

Next we have That Wasn’t Me, which is about discrimination against child soldiers. I don’t know, this seems a little too on the nose for Academy voters. It sounds more like a documentary, if you ask me. It probably won’t win.

Finally, we have The Voorman Problem, and I think this is your winner. It stars Martin Freeman of Hobbit fame, and he plays a doctor called in to investigate an insane man who believes himself to be a god. The film looks pretty interesting, and a lot of people really like it. So I’ll predict it.

WILL WIN: The Voorman Problem
RUNNER UP: Helium3

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