Let’sPredict: Best Costume Design


This category is looking especially tricky, especially since the CDA, which was supposed to clear everything up, made things even more confusing. But, let’s not put the cart before the horse.

Our first nominee, is American Hustle, which has a very good chance of going home completely empty-handed. However, this category seems like a very good place to reward the film. Somehow, I can easily see this happening. The problem is that there is a more obvious film that Academy voters seem more likely to choose.

Then we have The Grandmaster. Who saw this? I didn’t. I didn’t even see it on On Demand. Come on, this was one of the most confusing announcements on nomination day. It’s not gonna get enough votes, even if more people saw it.

If there’s a clear winner here, it’s The Great Gatsby. It definitely has the flashiest costume design of the bunch, and frankly, it deserves to win based on these nominations. It seems to be the academy’s cup of tea, and costume designer Catherine Martin won this category before for Moulin Rouge!

Now when I mention The Invisible Woman, I don’t blame you if your first thought is the sic-fi B-Movie that came out in the 40s. The film is apparently about Charles Dickens and his wife, and when you’re husband is that famous, I can understand feeling invisible or overshadowed. Kind of like when you’re competition includes two Best Picture contenders and a Baz Luhrman film.

Finally, there’s 12 Years A Slave. This wasn’t on the radar for this award until it won the CDG. Even then, the surprising win might have been more of a boost for the film in general. I doubt it will win here. Then again, stranger things have happened…

WILL WIN: The Great Gatsby
RUNNER UP: American Hustle
SHOULD WIN: The Great Gatsby

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