Let’sPredict: Best Animated Short


We don’t have much more time before the big night, and we only have a few more categories to predict, so, let’s get to it. Unlike last year, I wasn’t able to see any of the nominee. (Save for one, but it’s the one that everybody saw.) I won’t be posting links, I’ll just be talking about the shorts.

First, we have Feral, which, from what i’ve heard is about a boy who was raised in the wild, gets reduced, and then tries to use his instinct survival skills in the real world. It looks pretty interesting and it does seem to be the most stylized of the films. But while it will get votes, I somehow doubt it will pull off a win.

Now judging from Frozen‘s box office numbers I’d say there’s a good chance that most of you have seen Get A Horse! This short, which played in front of the film, was a very creative Mickey Mouse cartoon that used some pretty innovative techniques. And a lot of work went into it, as seen here. I’d say that it’s in a good position to win, but keep a lookout for…

Mr. Hublot. The short takes place in a robotic world and shows us that a robot dog truly can be a robot man’s best friend. This category reminds me of 2010, when The Lost Thing unexpectedly took the award from top contender Day & Night. Both shorts seem to parallel with this year’s top contenders. A case of history repeating itself?

Maybe I’m reading too much into this. Let’s look at the other nominees. Possessions is a fancy bit of Japanese animation that blends hand drawn and CGI. Goblin spirits are possessing objects, but unless they also possess academy voter’s brains, I don’t think it will win. it doesn’t seem like the kind of things that the academy would go for.

Finally, there’s Room On The Broom. A witch is flying on her broom with her cat and various other animals. And no one’s gonna bring them down! This is the kind of short that you typically see get nominated (Granny O’Grimm, The Gruffallo) but they seldom seem to win. And it looks like the same thing will happen here.

WILL WIN: Get A Horse!
RUNNER UP: Mr. Hublot
SHOULD WIN: Get A Horse! I think…

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