Oscars Liveblog!!!

Okay, this year I’m going to be attempting a liveblog for the Oscars.

7:27 – Here we go. I hope Bullock wins with all my heart.

7:30 – THIS IS IT!

7:38 Am I the only one who thinks Ellen is being a bit mean spirited?

7:40 Playing ‘I Dreamed A Dream for Hathaway when she presents.

And BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR goes to… Jared Leto!!!

That makes me 1/1. He really deserved it. What a speech, too. It just goes to show you , never give up, because your kid could go on to win an Oscar.

Listen to Carrey’s speech. He know’s he was snubbed for The Truman Show.

Tribute to animated heroes. Impressive.

Time to perform “Happy”. Feel free to sing along.

This is one fun performance!

Okay, I had to pause my TV for a moment so forgive me if this liveblog is a bit behind.

Okay, we’re doing Costume Design and Makeup. Costume design first.

BEST COSTUME DESIGN goes to… The Great Gatsby!

That makes me 2/2. I was feeling a bit uncertain about this category, but I stuck with my gut.

BEST MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING goes to… Dallas Buyers Club!

I’m 3/3. I wonder how much longer it’s going to be before they change the category to five nominees.

Okay, three best Picture nominees. I guess that that’s what they do now.

More Oscar Surprises! So far, there haven’t really been any surprises.

Okay, so I forgot about the whole time code thing. Doesn’t really matter, anyway.

BEST ANIMATED SHORT goes to… Mr. Hublot

3/4. I said this could happen. It’s 2010 all over again.

Dude, If you’re going to make an acceptance speech, you could work on you’re Enlich a little bit.


Yes! Disney has an Oscar! It looks like the Academy wanted to build a snowman after all. 4/5.

Sally Field. What is she here to announce?

Oh, another ‘Heroes’ montage.

Okay, are you calling Lincoln and Gandhi ‘Everyday’ heroes?

No Sandra Bullock. You used clips from other movies this year. Why do I get the feeling that Sandy isn’t going to win.

BEST VISUAL EFFECTS goes to… Gravity

Well, no duh. 5/6.

Karen O is here to sing ‘The Moon Song’. Nice stage.

And we’re back.

BEST LIVE-ACTION SHORT goes to… Helium!!!

Another surprise. 5/7. Then again, you never can guess the Short categories.

BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT goes to… The Lady In Number 6

Finally, A short category that I predicted. 6/8.

BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE goes to… 20 Feet From Stardom

6/9. Well, I’m not doing too good. I could’ve sworn that The Act Of Killing was going to win here.


7/10. Feeling pretty good. Maybe I’m gonna rebound?

Now showing clips from Gravity, Her, Nebraska. Three of my favorite films of the year.

Someone to care for… to be there for… I have… U2!

I like how they’re saving Let It Go for last.

And I thought some of my family photos were crazy.

From the Snow White movie that nobody cares about.

BEST SOUND MIXING goes to… Gravity!!!

8/11. Oh, yeah. Gravity hasn’t lost an award yet, and let;s hope that streak continues.

BEST SOUND EDITING goes to…Gravity!!!

9/12. And Gravity’s ballot is 3/3. Come on, I know that this can win Picture and Actress!!

Supporting Actress time! Lupita please!

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS goes to… Lupita N’yongo!

YES. She was so powerful in that role. I knew as soon as I saw the film that she HAD to win for this. Amazing speech. 10/13.

If you’re accepting pizza from Ellen, you’ve probably accepted that you’re not winning. In other words, Sandy, don’t eat the pizza. Cate! Stuff your face! You look GREAT.


11/14. Gravity is 4/4. This is so exciting.

BEST FILM EDITING goes to… Gravity!

12/15. Gravity is 5/5. Well, at this point I think it’s clear. Gravity will win the big award and hopefully Sandra will also win.

It’s technically the 75’th anniversary of the Wizard Of Oz, but why celebrate that one movie? You gave Best Picture to Gone With The Wind that year.

What’s with the black and white, Tina Fey ads?

And we’re back.

“Ain’t no way in hell I’m wearing a gown” Ellen, is that you?

BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN goes to… The Great Gatsby.

That’s the first award that Gravity hasn’t picked up. But whatever, it should still sweep. Congrats to The Great Gatsby. I’m 13/16. Gravity is 5/6.

Another ‘heroes’ montage. My mom wants to know if we can see a ‘heroine’ montage.

Oh. In Memorium. Imma gonna cry now.

I think they’re gonna do Original Score now. Either that or they’ll sing Let It Go.

She’s had some plastic surgery.

Announcing Captain Phillips, Philomena, and 12 Years A Slave

The wickedly talented Idina Menzel… I see what you did there. Also, does Idina have a cold?

Okay, never mind. She’s killing it.

She kind of messed up that last note. If she has a cold, she’s lying and it is bothering her anyway.

Oh my god. They just played something from How To Train Your Dragon. Thank you SO much for doing that, Academy.

BEST ORIGINAL SCORE goes to… Gravity!

I’m 14/17, and Gravity is 6/7. If you have any doubt about Gravity’s sweep, it should be gone by now.

BEST ORIGINAL SONG goes to… Let It Go!!!

Yes! You have permission to all start singing this song. I’m 15/18

BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY goes to… 12 Years A Slave!!!

Okay, things are going great for me. I’m 16/19.

Original Screenplay. Come on, Her!


YES!!! YES!!! Take that, you Hustle lovers! Her wins! I’m 17/20! It looks like American Hustle will go home empty handed, and Thank! God!

I know that this is an ad, but it’s using the music the Finding Nemo. I know that soundtrack.

Only four categories left. I know Best Actress is coming. I’m so nervous! Oh, Best Director is next. Good. I know this.

BEST DIRECTOR goes to… Alfonso Cuaron for Gravity.

Thank God. He deserved this by a mile. I’m 18/21, and Gravity is 7/8. Now the question is, will Sandra win.

Daniel Day Lewis. Oh, god. Here it is.

Watch Sandra Bullock and you’ll see why she should win. We believed she was in space because she believed she was in space.

Here it is!

BEST ACTRESS goes to… Cate Blanchett.

I literally shouted a curse word when Blanchett’s name is announced. I hate you, Cate Blanchett. If I ever meet you, I’m going to punch you in the face. This decision will hold up very poorly over time, let me tell you. In ten years or so, people will be saying, ‘Wait, why didn’t Bullock win?’ I’m 18/22, Gravity is 7/9. And i want to punch puppies right now.

BEST ACTOR goes to… Matthew McConaughey.

Fair enough. Let’s just wrap this up. A win for Ejiofer would have been good for 12 Years, but then again, Sandra… losing… might indicate that Gravity won’t win. I’m still rooting for Gravity, but seriously look out for 12 Years.

Okay, If I die and I go to heaven, I want to get a restraining order on Matthew McConaughey’s father.

Neat speech. By the way, I’m 19 for 23. Even if I get Best Picture wrong, I’ll still have done better than last year.

Here we go.

BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR goes to… 12 Years A Slave.

I somehow had a feeling that this film would win if Bullock lost. I finish at 19/24. That’s two better than last year. But this is just the kind of film that wins. I can’t believe how close Gravity came to winning. It won seven awards and it still lost Best Picture. I simply can’t believe it.

So, 12 Years wins. There are two silver linings here. One is that Her won Original Screenplay. The other is that the 86th Annual Academy Awards are finally over, and it’s time to get back to what’s REALLY important…

Early Predictions for next year will come up next week.

One thought on “Oscars Liveblog!!!

  1. You nearly got them all correct. ” Gravity” did get an awful lot of awards, but not the best actress. That went to Cate Blanchett- not the best , in my opinion. However, I am glad that “Twelve Years a Slave” got best picture. However, you were right about a lot of the other categories. You write very good and interesting blogs every time.

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