Personal Post: The trailer that changed everything.

I went to the theater to see ‘Muppets Most Wanted’, (review coming up shortly) and I was walking past a giant cardboard 3D ad thing (you know what I mean) for How To Train Your Dragon 2. I hadn’t thought about the film in at least a week and I had to shield my eyes, using my tactic of ‘If I ignore it maybe it’ll go away.’

Well, during the previews, the big How To Train Your Dragon 2 trailer, which i’ve been avoiding for months, came on. And i said, “Well, dang it. I can’t just walk out of the theatre for no reason. I’ve gotta watch this trailer at some point.” So I sat down and watched the trailer.

Now at first, I was getting into it in a sort of “Welcome Back To Berk!” sort of way. Yeah, everyone’s riding dragons, It’s the characters I know and love… Sure they’re a little older, but that’s not really that much of a big deal, right?

And then Cate Blanchett showed up. And I swear I don’t remember anything after that.

Let me just say this. I love playing the game Epic Mickey and reading the book Things Not Seen. Both of those had sequels, but I never really got through either sequel. I didn’t want a sequel because the original story was wonderful as a standalone. And with both of the sequels, I managed to simply not read the book and not play the game, and I left it at that. Can I not see this movie, just like that? Or will I have to?

Now I originally had a big rant about Blanchett’s character, but I’m going to let it go for now. Because I clicked on this video, and the lady, Grace Randolph, suggested that maybe Cate Blanchett isn’t his mother and she’s just trying to trick him. Okay, I could forgive the movie if they went that route. I remember watching an episode the TV series and going on a 10 minute rant about there being an island full of Night Furies only to find out later that it was fake and I wasted my breath.

Now true, If they do make Cate Blanchett the villain, it might be a little troublesome seeing as how the first film didn’t really have a villain. (Unless you count The Red Death, who’s barely in the film and is probably the least interesting part of the movie.) But then again, If Cate Blanchett is the villain, I’ll be cheering so much when she gets her commupence. Serves you right for swiping an Oscar from under Sandra Bullock’s nose!!!

I think at the end if the day, I’m worried that because of the sequel, I’ll never be able to look at the first film the same way again. And that scares me. How To Train Your Dragon is a realistic, yet beautiful take on the relationship between man and beast that blows me away every time I see it. And I don’t want the sequel to ruin that.

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