2014 Movie Reviews: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Note: It’s been a while since I’ve seen this film. This review will be SHORT.


As someone who mainly knows Wes Anderson through Fantastic Mr. Fox and Moonrise Kingdom, it’s easy to mistake him for being a thoroughly lighthearted man. But with The Grand Budapest Hotel, Anderson shows that he isn’t afraid to venture into gritty material.

The film does have problems, much like Muppets Most Wanted, the film does seem to have a bit too many characters for it’s own good. I think that perhaps the main problem with this film is that it feels like it can’t decide if it wants to be light hearted or mean spirited. And while it did have a very diversive cast, it wasn’t chock full of stellar performances. Most of the performances in the film were okay at best, with Fiennes being the obvious standout.

Technical wise, the film was really impressive. The costumes were really great, the sets were really great, and the makeup made my mom say, “That was Tilda Swinton?!?” The screenplay was good, but I think that Anderson is perhaps misstepping a bit. I think he really shines when doing lighter films like Moonrise Kingdom

An enjoyable film. Recommended, but no masterpiece.


One thought on “2014 Movie Reviews: The Grand Budapest Hotel

  1. I think Wes Anderson really upped his quirk factor for this movie. But I did enjoy it. It takes a bit to get into though. It’s a beautiful film but I can see where you might think there are too many characters to keep track of.

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