Getting My Bearings On ‘A Study Of Film’

We’re nearing the end of my Film Studies class, and we’re going through film history by looking at it one decade at a time. We started in the 1920’s, where we watched a silent Buster Keaton short called-

ONE WEEK (1920)

Now, I decided not to do a full on review of this film for two reasons. One, it’s a short film. Two, it came out in 1920, before the Oscars. So it doesn’t have a lot of relevance for me. The short can be found in it’s entirety here. For the most part, I enjoyed it fine. Crazy production for back then.

We then watched Bride Of Frankenstein (1935), which I reviewed. The next two films were Best Picture Winners that I already looked at, but I thought I would write a little bit on how my perceptions changed on them. First, we watched-


I knew I loved this film, but at the time of my re-watching, I had forgotten why. It’s almost hard to sum up why this film works so much. Great performances, direction, and writing. It’s one of those films where you can tell that every person involved was putting 110% into their work. In fact, I’ll have to re-watch All About Eve at some point in order to decide which film is truly superior. Or maybe my next Best Picture Review will break the tie.


I still think it’s overrated, but I do admire the quality and the screenplay. Even though there are parts of the story that made no sense and that I would have done differently, I was impressed by Brando and Malden’s performances. Eva Marie Saint still seems stiff, but I do get what the film was trying to do, even if it overall feels a little clunky.

That’s all for now, expect more reviews in the future.

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