2014 Movie Reviews: Guardians Of The Galaxy


Well, you gotta see at least one summer blockbuster, and don’t worry, I plan on seeing Godzilla and Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes just as soon as they get on DVD. But this was a film that I could actually get a parent to see with me in the theater. Now I just want to go upfront by saying I never read any of the comics. I’m not really a comic fanboy, more of a movie fanboy. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying Marvel’s latest.

I think that what makes this movie work is the world building. The world of the movie is an incredible one which feels lived in. I think what I liked about it is the fact that this world has no racism. With so many odd and colorful aliens, all of them are accepted into society as people.

Director James Gunn really proves himself here, especially with a very effective opening sequence. The script is well-written, the characters are all very likable, and the action choreography is really well-done.

The film has some really great production design that helps with the world building, and the sound design which makes the world seem even more real. Also, I’m really digging the makeup and visual effects, which are integrated into the film surprisingly well. Not once are you trying to piece together what’s really there and what’s not, you’re just enjoying the ride.

In fact the whole movie is pretty much just a fun ride. It’s not trying to be anything more than a fun piece of entertainment. So it’s nice to watch movies like this before you move on to the more serious Oscar fare.


One thought on “2014 Movie Reviews: Guardians Of The Galaxy

  1. I still haven’t caught up with this one. That’s a crime – right? Thanks for a great read… I’ll make it a priority to check Guardians out very soon! I’ve heard almost universally positive remarks about the film.

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