Best Picture Reviews: Terms Of Endearment

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Ah, Terms Of Endearment. I was rather sick when I decided to watch this movie, and immediately afterwards I decided to watch another movie, and it was one I enjoyed much better. So right now, I’m trying to remember enough of this movie so that I can write a half-decent review. Wish me luck.

The film is about the relationship between a mother (Shirley MacLaine) and her daughter (Debra Winger), and the ups and downs in both of their lives. I didn’t get too bored with the film while I was watching it, but a lot of what happened has slipped my mind since. I think it’s trying to get the same feeling as Ordinary People, but James L. Brooks’ direction is way too obvious. I particularly remember the schmaltzy music playing right on cue like an episode of Full House.

While I was at least somewhat interested in both stories, I was more involved with MacLaine’s story, partially because it involved Jack Nicholson. And you can’t go wrong with Jack Nicholson. I didn’t particularly enjoy the daughter character, mainly because there are two decisions she makes in the movie that completely go against all form of common sense. Also, none of the main cast seem to age at all during the movie. The makeup (if any was even used) is far too subtle.

But with that said, I did think the dialogue was well written, and the acting was pretty good. The pacing also moved along quickly, and even though I didn’t like how the score was used, I did like the score itself. As a poor man’s version of Ordinary People, it’s not bad. It could have used some polishing, but overall, Terms Of Endearment is a good but not great motion picture.


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