2014 Movie Reviews: St. Vincent


Well, I wanted to see Whiplash, but my dad wasn’t available and there was no way I was going to see Whiplash with my mom. So instead, we saw a very charming and delightful film called St. Vincent.

This is one of those films that will most likely not be a big player in Awards Season, but that’s a shame. It is surprisingly well directed and I really do like the screenplay. And while the film does have a few moments of predictability, it has just as many moments that catch you off guard. The film does get surprisingly dramatic later on, but it always keeps a little comedy, so that the movie never turns into a full-on tearjerker.

I also liked the idea of modern day saints, which becomes a theme in this movie, and the way Vincent is portrayed is done cleverly without seeming too on the nose. And while it may not be a full on comedy, when the comedy is there, it always hits hard. The film also has a great cast, with Naomi Watts proving that she can be funny, and Melissa McCarthy proving she can really act. The kid whose name continually escapes me is also really good.

But make no mistake. You should see this movie for one reason and one reason only. Bill. Murray.

For the rest of the year, I will be running a hard campaign for this performance to get a Best Actor nomination. What Murray does here is combine everything he’s ever done in both comedic and dramatic roles and force the viewer to see it all in a new light. I would actually vote for him over Michael Keaton. He’s that good. Please let this performance get the respect it deserves.

For a while, I was going to give the film 5 stars, but I eventually reasoned that I don’t want this year to seem especially crowded by 5 star films. We’ve already got Birdman and Gone Girl, plus a Christopher Nolan movie coming out. There’s only so many masterpieces a year can have!


One thought on “2014 Movie Reviews: St. Vincent

  1. The cast was good in this, but the script was just so over-bearing at times, it felt like it just got in the way of what could have been a great movie. Instead, it was just okay. Good review.

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