2014 Movie Reviews: Big Hero 6


Sans a Pixar film, this year’s Best Animated Feature race is looking to be between The Lego Movie, and Disney’s latest. And while I’m currently rooting for the former, Big Hero 6 is an enjoyable film that seeks to entertain, and succeeds. It’s a decent way to spend an hour and a half, but it won’t create the lasting impression that some other Disney films have.

The story is essentially an animated entry in the already packed Marvel cinematic universe. Despite being animated, the film’s direction, editing and cinematography don’t feel too far off from live action. While the action scenes are well choreographed, and give the film credit where it’s due for not being overly long with unneeded subplots. It knows what it wants to do, and it does it.

However, it’s still a comic book movie. And as such, flaws are bound. If your superhero movie is not made by Christopher Nolan or Brad Bird, you will inevitably find that certain cliches will play out. There will be a ‘shocking’ twist regarding the villain, there will be a point where the hero’s loss seems inevitable, and any dramatic death sequences in the third act will not last until the end of the movie. And then, there was the flying sequence with Baymax. Or as I like to call it, the first film sequence to openly rip off How To Train Your Dragon.

But don’t get me wrong, the film does get a lot of things right. It does have a cool song that may unfortunately be a little too ‘hip’ for the Academy. The characters are likable enough and you do want to be around them. There are some interesting questions brought up. And the film does a very good job at world building. But, a lot of comic book movies are like that.

Overall, Big Hero 6 does a good job at telling it’s story, but it doesn’t really stand out from fellow Marvel films except for being animated. And while it’s a sure thing for the Animated Feature nomination, I’m almost positive that it won’t win. But hey, I’m happy that this is Lego Movie‘s main competitor. I’ll take this over Dragon 2 any day of the week.


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