Guild Awards… real quick!

Yeah, let’s breeze through these so I can get on with some reviews.

PGA Nominations

No Selma. Hopefully it’s just a minor bump in the road.

WGA Nominations

These don’t really mean anything, or so I’m told.

American Cinema Editors

Every day the guilds show less and less support for Interstellar. I hope it gets a decent amount of Oscar nominations.

American Cinematographers’s Guild

Yay, somebody recognizes The Imitation Game‘s cinematography! Boo, no Ida. Or Interstellar.

Production Designers Guild

I didn’t realize until it failed to show up here – I think Snowpiercer is my personal winner here. I’m seriously rooting for it.

Costume Designers Guild.

I like how they call Interstellar ‘contemporary’ but the PGA call the film ‘fantasy’.

Reviews of Big Eyes & Life Itself

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