Let’sPredict: Best Production Design


Sorry about the delay. We had some technical issues and I also found out that the date I started posting these ‘Let’sPredicts’ might have been slightly earlier than 24 days before the Oscars. On a side note, I might still see Mr. Turner after the Oscars, but the film doesn’t seem to be playing anywhere near me.

5th Most Likely To Win: Mr. Turner

Considering the fact that it was a surprise nominee, and the film’s production design doesn’t seem too flashy, I think this is a very unlikely winner, but maybe that’s just because I haven’t seen it.

4th Most Likely To Win: Interstellar

They rarely go for science fiction in this category, and the film as a whole was not well received within the category, But hey, the film has wonderful production design anyway, and I’m sure it can manage at least a few votes. But maybe I’m just being optimistic. Either way, it’s not winning.

3rd Most Likely To Win: The Imitation Game

Now this film is a Best Picture nominee, and a period piece at that. It may not be very flashy, but as Lincoln showed us, you don’t have to be flashy to win this award. But I think Lincoln won because the Academy wanted to give it something other than Day-Lewis. This film doesn’t seem to have that issue.

2nd Most Likely To Win: Into The Woods

Now this could be a potential upset winner. Yes, the film is not a Best Picture nominee, but that didn’t stop Sweeney Todd, Alice In Wonderland, and last years winner, The Great Gatsby. The sets in the film are certainly impressive, and it might be a surprise winner, but I think there’s a more obvious contender in this category.

MY PREDICTED WINNER: The Grand Budapest Hotel

When you look at how beloved this film was within the Academy, it seems obvious that the film has to win at least one Oscar, and this seems like the clear category for it to win in. The films production design has certainly been praised, and the film has won a number of critics’ awards in this category. And a lot of work was certainly put into the sets, as seen here. I’d say it’s our frontrunner.

Personal Ranking Of The Nominees

1.) The Grand Budapest Hotel
2.) Interstellar
3.) Into The Woods
4.) The Imitation Game

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