2015 Oscars Liveblog!

7:30 – Let’s do this! I’ll be updating throughout the night

7:31 – You can definitely tell that the song was written by the same poeple who wrote the songs from Frozen.

7:33 – Love Anna Kendrick joining in.


7:35 – “They may not be real life, but they show you what life really means.” And that is why I love cinema.

7:38 – I absolutely love Neil Patrick Harris.

7:39 – Time for the first award of the night, Best Supporting Actor.

7:40 – I love the clips that they’re showing.

7:41 – And the Oscar goes to… J.K. Simmons!

7:43 – I’m 1/1. I think we all got that one right. Nice speech!

7:46 – “No snacks!” Ha ha ha.

7:47 – Liam Neeson. I wonder what he’s going to present. He’s presenting The Grand Budapest Hotel & American Sniper.

7:49 – I like the title cards.

7:50 – As a surprise, Dakota Johnson (50 Shades Of Grey) is presenting. As an even bigger surprise, she’s wearing clothes. Oh, and she’s presenting Lost Stars!

7:51 – I love, LOVE this song!

7:56 – I like how NPH is talking throughout the show, instead of just giving one big monologue at the beginning and disappearing for the rest of the show.

7:57 – And Best Costume Design goes to… The Grand Budapest Hotel!

7:59 – Congratulations! I’m 2/2

8:00 – Reese Witherspoon is presenting Best Makeup.

8:01 – And the Oscar goes to.. The Grand Budapest Hotel!

8:02 – I’m 3/3. Shame about Guardians of The Galaxy. No real surprises so far.

8:03 – I need to do this New Oscar Generation thing.

8:10 – And Best Foreign Language Film goes to… Ida!

8:13 – I’m 4/4! Congratulations on the director for not letting the orchestra play him out!

8:15 – Boyhood, Theory Of Everything & Birdman! What an exciting list!

8:16 – Steve Carell is awesome.

8:17 – Marion Cotillard presents Everything Is Awesome. You know what’s NOT Awesome, this film’s Oscar snub!

8:19 – That was the most epic Oscar performance EVER!

8:24 “How To Train Your Dragon 2 is basically admitting that the first film did an insufficient job in teaching people how to train their dragons.” Amen.

8:25 – And Best Live-Action Short goes to… The Phone Call

8:26 – 4/5. Shame, I missed that one. Alos, does winning an Oscar give you access to get free donuts?

8:28 – And Best Documentary Short goes to Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1!

8:29 – 4/6. I never do a good job with the Short Film categories. Also, what is that woman wearing?

8:31 – Viola Davis is talking about the Honorary Awards.

8:34 – Gwenyth Paltrow is introducing “I’m Not Gonna Miss You”

8:43 – Love the Birdman joke.

8:46 – And the Oscar for Best Sound Mixing goes to.. WHIPLASH!

8:48 – My dad said this would win! I’m 4/7. Wow, what an upset. But at least I feel more comfortable in predicting the film to win Best Film Editing.

8:49 – And Best Sound Editing goes to… American Sniper!

8:50 – I’m 5/8 in my predictions. Congrats to the sound team for both movies.

8:51 – Jared Leto is here to announce Supporting Actress.

8:52 – I find it interesting that they didn’t do the ‘I just thought there would be more’ scene for Arquette.

8:53 – And Best Supporting Actress goes to… Patricia Arquette!

8:55 – I’m 6/9. Patricia Arquette SERIOUSLY wrote her speech down AGAIN?

8:56 – But I give her credit for that speech. And Meryl’s reaction is priceless.

8:59 – Josh Hutcherson is the PETA who won’t throw paint on you.

9:00 – I am very grateful for this song.

9:02 – Ansel Elgort & Chloe Grace Moretz are here to announce Visual Effects.

9:04 – And Best Visual Effects goes to… Interstellar!

9:05 – I’m 7/10. I’m so glad that Interstellar won.

9:06 – They’re announcing Best Animated Short. I’m scared, because that means Animated Feature is coming up.

9:07 – And Best Animated Short goes to… Feast!

9:08 – 7/11. Wow, didn’t see that one coming. But maybe that means that people are supporting Big Hero 6! Right now, I’m breathing very heavily. I’m gonna be fine. I’m gonna be fine.

9:09 – This category is either going to make my night or ruin it.

9:10 – And Best Animated Feature goes to…BIG HERO 6!!!!!!!

9:11 – THANK YOU GOD! THANK YOU GOD! I’m 8/12. And I don’t care if I get every other category wrong – I don’t have to call How To Train Your Dragon 2 an Academy Award winning film for the rest of my life.

9:21: And Best Production Design goes to… The Grand Budapest Hotel!

9:22 – I’m 9/13. I’m doing great in my predictions so far. I only got Sound mixing and the shorts wrong.

9:24 – And Best Cinematography goes to… Birdman!

9:25 – I’m 10/14.

9:32 – It’s time for In Memorium.

9:37 – And the Oscar for Best Film Editing goes to… Whiplash!

9:44 – I’m 11/15! Man, these might be my favorite Oscars Telecast EVER! They’re honoring all the right films! Also, I’m doing so great in my predictions!

9:47 – Terrence Howard introduces, Whiplash, The Imitation Game, and Selma.

9:49 – Jennifer Aniston & David Oyelowo are here to announce the Best Documentary Award.

9:50 – And the Oscar for Best Documentary  goes to… Citizenfour!

9:51 – I’m 12/16! Man, I’m acing my predictions!

9:58 – I love how they’re staging Glory.

10:03 – Hilarious jab at John Travolta.

10:05 – And Best Original Song goes to… Glory!

10:06 – I’m 13/17. Really, now. They’re not gonna have ‘Glory’ lose immediately after that performance.

10:15 – A Sound Of Music tribute by Lady Gaga. Hey, at least it’s not Carrie Underwood.

10:22 – And the Oscar for Best Original Score goes to… Alexandre Desplat… for The Grand Budapest Hotel!

10:24 – I’m 13/18. I am so happy that Desplat has an Oscar. It’s not the score that I would have voted for, but I don’t care. The guy who wrote this has an Oscar. All is well.

10:29 – And the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay goes to.. Birdman!

10:30 – I’m 14/19. I’m so happy that this won!

10:33 – That’s gotta be the first time that a dog’s been thanked in an Oscar acceptance speech.

10:34 – And the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay goes to… The Imitation Game!

10:37 – I’m 15/20! This easily gets my vote for the most moving speech of the night.

10:42 – And the Oscar for Best Director goes to… Alejandro G. Inarritu for Birdman!

10:43 – I’m 16/21! It’s funny that Ben Affleck points out ‘dullness’ as the biggest sin a director can make, because Bennett miller’s Foxcatcher was so incredibly dull.

10:50 – Michael Keaton is asleep!

10:51 – And the Oscar for Best Actor goes to… Eddie Redmayne!

10:52 – WOW. The Oscars have done a good job of not upsetting me for most of the show, but they screwed up here. Keaton was ROBBED.

10:53 – And here we go. Best Actress. I just have this sneaking suspicion that Rosamond Pike pulls off a shocking upset win.

10:56 –  And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to… Julianne Moore!

10:58 – I’m 17/23. It’s good to see Moore win one. But Moore had better watch out if she doesn’t want Amazing Amy to come after her for revenge.

11:02 – Sean Penn is here to announce Best Picture.

11:03 – Here we go.

11:04 – And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to… BIRDMAN!!!!!

And I finish the night with 17/24. That’s two less than last year. But you know what, I don’t care. Outside of Keaton’s loss, these are some great winners. Birdman wins Picture, Director, and Screenplay. Whiplash wins Editing and Sound Mixing. Dragon 2 does NOT win for Animated Feature.

But i’m very, very excited about Birdman as a Best Picture winner. It’s such a weird film to win, but it won. And I truly believe that it will stand the test of time.

2 thoughts on “2015 Oscars Liveblog!

  1. This is such a fun blog. Loved reading the comments. I just watched Birdman last night and I really liked it. I’m glad it won because, just on technique alone it’s incredibly impressive. But it was also very good storywise. I haven’t seen the other movies, but I do kind of think Michael Keaton should have gotten the Oscar. He had to display a variety of emotions with no cutting (what were there like three actual cuts in the movie). He had to go switch from scene to scene and emotion to emotion with no stopping. Again, on craftsmanship alone in that regard it’s impressive.

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