Best Picture Reviews: A Beautiful Mind


We’re entering the 2000’s now, and I’m getting excited to see films that won in my lifetime. 2001’s A Beautiful Mind might not be the most beloved of the best pictures, but I absolutely loved it.

The film has a very distinct first half and second half. I always enjoy stories told in this type of format (Gone Girl, Into The Woods, Room) because it’s always interesting to see how two halves complement each other. The film seemed a little formulaic in the first act, but in the second act, you get a feeling of why the first act was the way it was, and you look at the first act in an entirely different way. The second act enhances the first.

I think I like Gladiator even less after watching this, because not only can Russell Crowe act, but if him winning an Oscar the year before this is clearly the only reason he didn’t win for this performance. Jennifer Connelly and Ed Harris are great supporting players.

I am a big fan of Ron Howard, and his direction here is great. He uses some clever filmmaking techniques to put us right into the mind of John Nash. The movie also has an amazing screenplay and makes use of some subtle CGI, as well as some of the best makeup effects I’ve come across on this quest.

This movie has so many things that I like in it. It’s sort of like a combination of The Imitation Game and The Theory Of Everything. It takes the best elements of those two films and adds in some stuff to make it the best it can be. I can understand if some people didn’t like it. but I enjoyed the film a lot and I heavily support its Best Picture win.


2 thoughts on “Best Picture Reviews: A Beautiful Mind

  1. He was on his way to winning back to back Oscars, but unfortunately his temper at the BAFTAS is probably what killed his chances (he roughed up the producer for cutting his speech short). He is extraordinary here, for sure. I’m glad that you loved this because it’s got an unfair wrap from people who think they’re above this. It’s a great film!

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