Best Picture Reviews: The King’s Speech


(Note: This review will be shorter than most.)

In 2010, the Academy deemed The King’s Speech the Best Picture of the year. Now, in a year with so many great films to choose from The Kings Speech seems like an odd choice. But hey, It’s the academy friendly choice.

Does the academy want to go with something bold and daring like Inception, Black Swan or The Social Network? Well they’ll nominate those films but when it comes to winning they go with the british period piece.

I feel bad poking at it because The Kings Speech is by all accounts a good movie. It has good acting, good writing, and good directing. Colin Firth is great in the lead role. the screenplay is very well written. T’d recommend seeing it, and I’d nominate this movie for awards, sure. But I definitely wouldn’t give it any wins.

It is overall very well made but the films Best Picture win actually hurts the film. It overshadows the film and sets unrealistic expectations. (Does anybody under the age of 65 actually think that this is the best film of 2010?) I like this movie, I do, as an oscar NOMINEE. I get the feeling that I would like the film a lot better if it didn’t win anything. Its a good movie, but thats a fact I have to keep reminding myself, which is not the mark of a truly great film.


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