2015 Movie Reviews: Sicario


When you’re a hitman, it’s all about making one perfect shot after another. The same can definitely be said about Roger Deakins.

If you don’t know who Roger Deakins is, he’s a cinematographer. Here’s his work. He’s been nominated for the Best Cinematography Oscar a staggering 13 times. And yet, he has never won an Oscar. He probably won’t win this year, but after seeing Sicario, I would certainly vote for him. There’s one particular shot that’s so bold, I was perplexed that no one had ever thought to do it before.

Oh yeah, there’s also a movie for the cinematography to work through.

Ultimately, the film as a whole doesn’t entirely work. And the main reason for that is the script. While there are one or two interesting ideas, the dialogue is pretty bad and Blunt’s character is written awfully and with very little competence.

The film is similar to Dennis Villenueve’s previous film Prisoners, in that it feels like it could have easily been adapted into a video game (Especially seeing how the main character doesn’t really have that much impact on the plot.)

Emily Blunt does what she can with a poorly written role. Benicio Del Toro also does well. But this is a movie that ultimately isn’t about the cast. Really, the movie’s cinematography and editing make the film worth watching if you’re into that sort of thing.

If you really like this movie, I won’t hold it against you. It does do a lot of things well. But ultimately, it just wasn’t really my thing.





2 thoughts on “2015 Movie Reviews: Sicario

  1. I completely agree! I was just really confused when it got fantastic reviews because Blunt’s character wasn’t great at all and I got really annoyed when people kept calling it a ‘strong female role’ because she didn’t really do anything or was in charge of her own story in that film.

  2. I haven’t seen this yet, but when you liken this to Prisoners (a terrible film) and mention incompetence in a character (the reason Prisoners was so awful) I get nervous.

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