2016 Movie Reviews: The Lobster


The Lobster has been hailed as an original and quirky romantic comedy, currently standing at 91% on RottenTomatoes and being called one of the best movies of the first half of 2016.

Eh… I don’t get it.

This film is just plain weird. The film just seems to be artsy for the sake of being artsy, rather than for the story it’s trying to tell. The film just seems to scream at you “I’m artsy! I have an identity!” But there’s nothing of substance to be found anywhere.

Nobody talks like a normal person. Everyone’s talking like they’re in a Wes Anderson movie. The only difference is that Anderson’s movies are usually funny, but here, the actual jokes are surprisingly rare.

It’s not enough to just say that something is meant to be open to interpretation. Look at Birdman. I still have no idea what the ending is trying to say. But I still love the movie because the characters are all realistic and you want to see them accomplish their goals. But here, I don’t care about these characters or this world. So, it’s hard to get invested in whatever the ending is supposed to mean.

Now, to be fair, the film does have some strong elements. Mainly, the cinematography is beautiful. Rachel Weisz gives an excellent performance, but the rest of the cast is just serviceable, and the score actually hurts the film more than helping it.

The Lobster just wasn’t for me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t enjoy it. Maybe I just didn’t “get it.” Maybe you will. I know the movie was trying to say something, but it wasn’t saying it very well.


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