2016 Movie Reviews: 13th


I don’t watch documentaries all that much, and part of the reason for that is I have trouble knowing what to say about them. But even so, I know exactly what to say about 13th… it may be one of the very best films this year.

Documentaries are difficult to review. Because they’re not like most films. There’s no screenplay, and no acting. But at the same time, just knowing that everything you’re witnessing is the real deal can make it so much more powerful.

In many respects, documentaries are there to educate you. I guess that’s probably the reason I don’t usually watch them. Because I don’t like to be educated. But just five minutes into 13th, I knew that this documentary was different. What I was watching was important.

In a strange way, the film works in a similar way to Zootopia. Both films are eye-opening about the amount of inequality in the world we live in. But where Zootopia disguises it’s harsh reality behind the facade of a children’s fable, 13th is just 100 minutes of raw unfiltered truth.


This film can be disturbing and hard to watch, and you probably won’t want to watch it again any time soon. But if you live America, and especially if you are planning on voting in the upcoming presidential election, then you need to see this movie. And it’s on Netflix, so there’s no excuse for not watching it.

13th isn’t just a recommendation. It’s mandatory viewing.


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