2017 Movie Reviews: Wonder Woman


This movie is getting a lot of attention, and I can see why. It isn’t every day that a film with a female director and a female lead becomes a worldwide phenomenon. This is especially surprising considering it came from the DCEU, which hasn’t been doing so well until now.

I think Nathaniel on The Film Experience said it best; “It’s a better cultural object than a movie.” In my eyes, it’s about on the same level as Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. And the simple fact that this movie can compete with the big male-driven movies is an impressive feat in its own right. And I think that’s what Wonder Woman is all about, not that she’s better than Batman or Superman, but that she can fight alongside them.

As I’m sure you’ve heard from other reviews, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine have great chemistry and they both do a great job. The villains are a tad cliche, but overall, much of the film works. I don’t think it should be a Best Picture nominee, but I appreciate the impact that this film has had on our culture. Especially if movies like these can encourage young girls to dream big.

***1/2 out of ****

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