Personal Post: Pottermore

Try saying that title three times fast.

So yeah. Pottermore. I love the Harry Potter series, and i’m sure a lot of my readers do too. But the site has officialy opened to the general public recently and I was super hyped. A lot of people had this same story, I believe. There’s all this build up to the Sorting Quiz, you get a bunch of questions, you answer them honestly, and you are greeted with-



Sorry, what?

Say that again!

Slytherin! I’m in SLYTHERIN!

No, this has to be some sort of mistake. I’m a Ravenclaw! What are Ravenclaws again?

“Or yet, in wise old Ravenclaw
If you’ve a ready mind.
Where those of wit and learning
will always find their kind.”

If you’ve read my posts, you should know that I’m both clever and witty. There’s got to be a mistake here. I’ll go back and answer the questions again, that’s all- Wait, I can’t! You mean I’m stuck a Slytherin?



That’s not true.


(J.K. Rowling says “Search your feelings, you know it to be true”)







Do I start a new account? Try to get a different score? And what if I get Slytherin again? Do I embrace it? I understand that very few want to be Slytherins, but there have to be some. I could just fill it in because I’m kind.

Which would make me more of a Hufflepuff, wouldn’t it?

I still don’t understand what made me a Slytherin. What does the book say about that?

“Or perhaps in Slytherin
Where you’ll make your real friends
Those cunning folk use any means
To achieve their ends”

Well, yeah. What teenager isn’t?


Could Pottermore be right?

Please offer any suggestions you have for me in the comments. If you were misplaced in Pottermore, share your stories there as well.

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