Young Artist Awards Blues!

Well, the nominees for the Young Artist Awards were announced, and I gotta say, you thought the OSCARS could be snub-central? This is like if the Oscars didn’t nominate “The Artist” for Best Picture! This is like whoever was in charge of the Best Original Song Category at the Oscars was in charge of the Young Artist awards! The four big snubs were-

BEST SUPPORTING YOUNG ACTRESS- Shaileene Woodley, The Descendants

Really? Was there any  reason not to nominate this Golden-Globe nominated actress? At first, I thought that she might have been put in the Best Actress category, similar to Hailee Steinfeld, who won the award for ‘True Grit’. But no. It’s just the biggest snub in history. So I thought.

BEST SUPPORTING YOUNG ACTOR- Ezra Miller, We Need To Talk About Kevin

Even though I didn’t see this movie, I heard his buzz. And he’s got a pretty juicy role to work with too. But NO! Make way for Karan Bahr and Robert Capron from ‘Diary Of A Wimpy Kid’. If you like that movie, then at least nominate Devon Bostwick. And was I the only one who liked the actor that played Sid in ‘The Descendants’? Clearly, the YA awards don’t like teenage boys with long hair.

BEST YOUNG ACTRESS- Anna Sophia Robb, Soul Surfer

This is one of the few awards shows that could finally give Anna some credit. Heck, she plays a real person in a film where she has to overcome a disability. Isn’t that Oscar gold? Apparently it’s not even Young Artist gold.

BEST YOUNG ACTOR- Thomas Horn, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

No! No! I refuse to believe that he wasn’t nominated! Was winning all these awards not good enough for you?

Critic’s Choice Award- Best Young Actor/Actress
Pheonix Film Critic Society- Best Performance By A Youth In A Lead Or Supporting Role- Male
Pheonix Film Critic Society- Breakthrough Performance On Camera

AND NO NOMINATION? Was it because of the reviews? The people that said “He was annoying! ay-en-ah!” Well, did it ever occur to you that this kid is supposed to be a little annoying? This is an autistic child that has poor social skills except with his father. And when his father dies in 9/11, then he just becomes separated from the world. What we see throughout the film is his attempt to reconnect with society, with the help of his grandfather, and in the end, he reconciles with the one person he needed the most- his mother. He carries the film so well on his shoulders with a performance that makes you forget about every other aspect of the film.





Excuse me…

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