Best Picture Reviews: You Can’t Take It With You

Unknown-14Frank Capra was the Steven Spielberg of the 1930’s. His films brought smiles to the faces of generations everywhere. And his most recent comedy ‘You Can’t Take It With You’ is impossible to ignore. Now I may be giving some of these next few movies very high ratings, but can you blame me? The best pictures are supposed to contain some of the best movies of all time. And while this particular gem is often glossed over, I declare it a must-see.

Grandpa Vanderhoff (Lionel Barrymore) lives with the most bizarre family you’ve ever laid eyes on. All the residents in the house take it upon themselves to live out their dreams, however bizarre they may be. His granddaughter (Jean Arthur) falls in love with a man named Tony Kirby (Jimmy Stewart) who just happens to be the son of the man who wants to tear down their house. And from there, it’s just one comedic opportunity after another.

Suprizingly what makes this film work is the family and their philosophy. Barrymore claims he was a man who realized that he wasn’t having any fun, and then started this group where people can just drop their lives and do what they always dreamed of doing. This sounds silly and impractical, but the film has a realistic slant on it by saying that memories are more important than money. Why? Look at the title.

If you’re a fan of Frank Capra’s work, like ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and, ‘It Happened One Night’, then this is a movie that you have to see. The acting, directing, writing, and especially the detailed art direction pull this movie into being one of my faves. It makes me want to look out for more Capra. If you can find this movie, give it a rent. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


(Next review: Gone with the wind)

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