Let’sPredict: Best Supporting Actress


Okay, technically I’m cheating on this. I have NOT seen the critically acclaimed film The Sessions, nominated for Helen Hunt’s performance as a sex therapist. However, seeing as how she is the film’s sole nomination, and is unlikely to win, I think it’s okay to post my thoughts on the category of Best Supporting Actress.

Our first nominee is Amy Adams for The Master. This is Adam’s fourth nomination in the Supporting Actress category, the previous three being for Junebug, Doubt, and The Fighter, and she has yet to win. This doesn’t look like it will be her year, either. If by chance Adams’ agent is reading this, I’d suggest looking for a LEADING role in the next big Oscar contender. Just a thought. However, I will put up a strong defense for Adams because I loved her performance. She’s so hopelessly addicted to her husband’s cause that she actually manages to put you on edge. And having the girl from Enchanted making you feel uneasy is no small feat.

The next nominee is Sally Field for Lincoln. When it comes to Field, the academy likes her. They really like her. She’s been nominated twice, for Norma Rae and Places In The Heart, and both times she’s won. She does have a chance at winning here, for playing concerned wife Mary Todd Lincoln. It’s a good performance, and is unfortunately pushed aside by Day Lewis. To prepare for the role, Field visited Mary Todd Lincoln’s original childhood home and gained 30 pounds. That takes some serious dedication.

But nobody knows more about dedication than Anne Hathaway for Les Misérables. Before production began, she lost ten pounds and lost fourteen extra pounds throughout filming, putting herself through physical hell in a life threatening manner. And all that for TEN MINUTES OF SCREEN TIME! The problem with the film is that it peaks far too early, at Hathaway’s tragic rendition of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’, seventeen minutes into the film. Not only is it the best scene in the film, but it’s probably the best scene of any film this year. It really makes you feel the pain that Fantine’s going through, and you desperately feel for this character. Too bad the rest of the movie is the romance between Cosette and that other guy. But still, Hathaway is certainly going to walk away with the gold on Oscar night.

Oh, and Helen Hunt from The Sessions also scores a nod here. Maybe her performance really is that good, from the trailer she looks pretty legit. She won this award back in 1997 for As Good As It Gets. Beating out Kate Winslet from Titanic, that’s pretty good. But still, I don’t think her movie is that well liked, with one soul nomination. I think the real headline of this category is the fifth nomination. Adams, Field, Hathaway, and Hunt were all safe bets, but who would take the fifth slot? Some said it would be Ann Dowd in Compliance, others thought it would be Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy.

But I don’t think anybody predicted Jacki Weaver in Silver Linings Playbook. Why? Because she doesn’t do anything. I’m honestly looking forward to the part at the Oscars where they have to find clips of all the nominees, because she doesn’t have a single Oscar moment in the entire movie. From what I can gather, she’s a fine actress. But, man, The academy loves this movie TOO much.

Will Win: Anne Hathaway, Les Misérables
Runner’s Up: Sally Field, Lincoln
Should Win: Amy Adams, The Master

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