Let’sPredict: Best Foreign Film


Back in 2009 and 2010, Pixar gave us Up and Toy Story 3, which both got nominated for Best Picture. Neither won, but if there’s one thing that both did, it was making the category of Animated Feature incredibly easy to predict. This year, we have a similar case with the category of Best Foreign Film.

If you’re not predicting this award to go to Amour, then you need to see some help, weirdo! This is the fourth foreign film to be nominated for Best Picture, the other three being Z, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and Life Is Beautiful. All three of those movies won Best Foreign Language Film, so Amour will clearly follow suit. It’s obvious that there’s something that I’m missing in Amour, considering how much Academy voters are going Gaga over the film. It might not be entirely deserved, but it’s one win that everybody should see coming.

But, hey! Let’s talk about the other nominees anyway. There’s Kon-Tiki, from Norway, No, from Chile, A Royal Affair, Denmark,and War Witch, from Canada. I don’t think that I can really go into too much detail about these movies seeing as how I haven’t seen them, don’t intend to, and it doesn’t really matter anyway, seeing as how Amour is the clear winner. In past years, best Foreign Language film hasn’t always gone to the best film, in case of Pan’s Labrynth, City Of God, and Amelie. But this doesn’t look like one of those cases.

Will Win: Amour
Runner’s Up: War Witch
Should Win: Amour.. I think.

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