Let’sPredict: Best Visual Effects


Well, I told you to expect two today, and I intend on keeping my promise. The last four winners of this category (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, Avatar, Inception, & Hugo) all had the distinction of being Best Picture nominees. This year, the academy is likely to follow suit, especially considering that the best visual effects of the year indeed comes from a Best Picture nominee.

The first nominee is The Avengers. This film came out early in the year, but somehow the academy remembered to nominate it and NOT nominate The Dark Knight Rises in any category. But hey, the effects are more impressive anyway. From the massive explosions taking place in the city to the rendering of The Incredible Hulk, but still, Marvel studios have only won this award once (Spider Man 2), and it seems unlikely that The Avengers will repeat this feat due to heavy competition.

Our next nominee is The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It’s worth pointing out that all three of the previous Lord Of The Rings movies have won Visual Effects, but keep in mind that they all had Best Picture nominees to boot. The visual effects are very nice, but they don’t offer anything new that the Academy hasn’t already seen in the other movies. No, If the academy wants groundbreaking, they’ll just have to settle for…

Life Of Pi. Number one, It’s a Best Picture Nominee. Number Two, the effects are easily the best of the year, helping the movies incredible story get off the ground. And Number Three, It’s already won the Critics Choice and the BAFTA awards, and leading the VES nominees. The academy, or at the very least the visual effects department, are in LOVE with this movie. This film should walk away with the award, hands down.

Oh, and you’ve also got Prometheus. It is true that both Alien and Aliens walked away with this award, but come on! I don’t know who would vote for the movie with the sole nomination over the Best Picture Nominee. Keep in mind, I haven’t seen Prometheus, but I don’t think I need to. In fact, I wonder how many members of the academy even remember it.

Our last nominee is Snow White And The Huntsman. I don’t think that it stands a chance in winning, as the films effects are admirable, but don’t belong to a film that actually knows how to use it. Honestly, the filmmakers should just be happy about the nomination.

Will Win: Life Of Pi
Runner’s Up: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Should Win: Life Of Pi

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