TRAILERS: Saving Mr. Banks and HTTYD2

Saving Mr. Banks

This has now officially become my most anticipated film for the remainder of 2013. ‘Mary Poppins’ is one of my favorite films, and seeing the behind the scenes of this musical spectacular while also delving into the emotional side of what the story means. Thompson looks brilliant, and while Hanks is mostly just playing himself, he still has that charm that Disney was known for. (Then again, I just got back from DisneyWorld, so maybe I’m a little biased.)

How To Train Your Dragon 2

Now that I’m done with the shock, I have to say, this is a pretty impressive teaser. I like how Hiccup seems to have become more of bad boy, and is a lot cooler than when we last saw him. Toothless hasn’t changed one bit, and I’m very grateful for that. The filmmakers seem to be putting their all into the animation, and it really shows. The only thing I dislike about this teaser is the gliding suit (What? Riding on a Night Fury isn’t good enough for you?) But, overall, I am excited for this movie.

One thought on “TRAILERS: Saving Mr. Banks and HTTYD2

  1. I loved the first “How to Train Your Dragon” so , if this is as good , it’s got to be GREAT. I like your analysis.

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