One of the most confusing shortlists in Oscar History.

They just announced the shortlist for Best Makeup And Hairstyling, and let me tell you, I’m confused. It looks like academy voters are mostly caring about the ‘And Hairstyling’ part and are snubbing films left and right. What were my predictions?

The Butler
The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug
12 Years A Slave

Fair enough, right? Well, get this – NONE of these films were on the shortlist. Yeah, it would be one thing to snub 12 Years A Slave (those lashes!) but the fact that the other two films, as well as Rush, Star Trek Into Darkness, or Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom were all snubbed? It’s astonishing!

It reminds me of a dream I had that the nominees were announced and Billy Crystal was nominated for Best Actor for Monsters University. And then I woke up and thought ‘that could never happen.’ But judging from this shortlist, Billy had better start rehearsing his speech (and so should Idina Menzel, for that matter.) Because the academy is messed up.

So, what was on the shortlist? There are only seven films, so let’s go through them together.


The only potential Best Picture nominee on the list, so I’d say it’s probably going to be nominated, and it has a good chance of winning. The problem is that the film is much more about hairstyling than it is makeup. (Remember Lawrence’s do, or Cooper’s curlers?) A win here would certainly be interesting.


Like American Hustle, I can easily see this getting on, mostly because of Jared Leto’s transformation. However, I doubt it will win. It’s already the frontrunner to win Supporting Actor, (More on that in my next post) but is this really the kind of movie that wins multiple oscars?


Unless you count Carey Mulligan’s mole, this addition is clearly more about the hair than the makeup. And the hair is good. The movie is ‘serious’ unlike some of these other films, so it could take that third spot. But I would like to consider it the runner up. Besides, if it does get on, it isn’t winning.


Yeah, didn’t see this one coming, did you? When this movie came out, nobody  imagined that the film would even come close to being an Oscar nominee. Keep in mind, though, that the Makeup guild has given us some of the worst Oscar nominees in history. (Click, Norbit, etc.) And to the film’s credit, the makeup looks pretty well done. This could be nominated, people.


Yes. I hope this is nominated, and it would be wonderful if it won. The only problem is that the makeup isn’t as impressive as the first film, but I think that the lack of competition could result in a nomination. I’m still betting on you, girl on fire.


I would just like to pint this out – a Jack@$$ movie is on the shortlist instead of 12 Years A Slave. This is a sad day, people.


This is the second time the movie has popped up on an Oscar shortlist. At this rate, it may go on to sweep the Oscars.

And so, I predict the nominees will be..

American Hustle
Dallas Buyers Club
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

With The Great Gatsby as the alternate. And by the way my SAG and Globe reactions will be coming shortly, in case you were wondering.

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