Triple Guilds!

First off, the WGA.

Original Screenplay: Her

And people are still gonna call this a huge surprise when it wins the Oscar.

Adapted Screenplay: Captain Phillips

Both 12 Years and Philomena were disqualified for some reason. It’s nice for Captain Philips to get a push, as it stands in the weakest position of all the Best Picture nominees.

Documentary Screenplay: Stories We Tell

Okay, this one is gonna be close.

Next, the ASC!

Best Cinematography: Gravity


And finally, the Annies.

Best Animated Feature: Frozen

Well, Frozen wins. I know I’m in the small minority of people who prefer The Croods. Frozen is winning. If The Wind Rises were winning, then this was it’s last chance to surprise.

Best Directing: Chris Buck & Jennifer lee, Frozen

To be fair, they may have deserved it. Just for that first act alone.

Best Writing: The Wind Rises

I’m pretty sure the film will come out a week before the ceremony, with just enough time to see it.

Best Voice Acting: Josh Gad, Frozen

Why do they always seem to get this category wrong? Idina Menzel deserves this award.

Best Editing: Monsters University

A consolation prise for missing out on the Oscar, perhaps?

Best Storyboarding: Monsters University

From what I understand, this is like the animation equivalent of Best Cinematography. I would have given it to Frozen, but whatever.

Best Production Design: Frozen

Let’s be honest, it’s all about that ice palace.

Best Character Design: The Croods

A worthy award. The cavemen and the animals had fantastic designs.

Best Character Animation: The Croods

The movie earned it.

Best Music: Frozen

Of course.


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