Let’sPredict: Best Director

You might be asking yourself why i’m doing this category so early on in the game. Well, for one thing, I’ve seen all of the nominees. while Best Picture could really be close, there does seem to be a definitive Best Director.

The man I’m referring to is Alfonso Cuaron. Just the fact that he made a 90 minute movie with only two characters that takes place entirely in space is commendable. The fact that he made it as good as it ended up being is outstanding. And the fact that he did it using new technology created specifically for the film, resulting in the audience being completely immersed into outer space? Shut up and give him the Oscar.

But that doesn’t mean that the other nominated directors didn’t do good jobs as well. Steve McQueen, for example, did an absolutely amazing job with 12 Years A Slave. His final creation is a film that’s hard to watch, and yet, hard to look away from. Plus, if there’s ever been an opportunity to give an African American a directing Oscar, this is it. So I’ll make him my runner up.

Next up is Alexander Payne for Nebraska. Payne’s direction on the film is really good, and he will get votes thanks to some of the older members of the academy. Unfortunately, this just isn’t his year. The competition is just too stiff. This is a case where the nomination truly is the win.

What happened, David O. Russell? I liked Silver Linings Playbook, I really did. But after seeing what you did with American Hustle, I actually had to go back to my “If I Ran The Oscars” post from last year and switch you out for Peter Ramsey. I mean, you don’t try, do you? And I am going to pray that you do not walk away with an Oscar on March 2nd. You don’t deserve it.

Lastly, we have Martin Scorsese. Now, I’m gonna be perfectly honest with you. I wasn’t crazy about the directing of this movie. I think it was a little bit too loud and in your face. I suppose that might have been the point, but if you’re going to make a movie with 506 f-bombs, I think the audience is mature enough to get the point. Also, I don’t know if the academy is willing to give him a second oscar, at least not for this film.

WILL WIN: Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity
RUNNER UP: Steve McQueen, 12 Years A Slave
SHOULD WIN: Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity

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