Let’sPredict: Best Documentary Short


I’m going to catch up on some films, I promise. But until then, let’s look at Best Documentary Short. Looking over these ‘boring’ categories is the Oscar equivalent of taking a blood test. You don’t want to do it, but you know you have to, and it’ll be over before you know it.

Our first nominee is called CaveDigger. Any guesses? No? It’s about a guy who carves sculptures into caves. And each one takes years to complete. And then patrons block public access to them. Huh. Sounds good. this might have a chance to win, but the competition might be too stiff.

But let’s look at the other nominees. Next is Facing Fear. Oh, is this like Fear Factor? Nah, it’s about a kid who gets thrown out of his house for being gay. And then he was beaten by a bunch of skinheads. and then one of the skinheads meets up with the boy years later. Interesting. This will definitely get votes.

Our next nominee is Karama Has No Walls. Okay, I’m not even gonna guess. It looks like it’s about… the 2011 Yemeni revolution. You know, that very famous revolution that absolutely nobody knows about. And how many academy members know about this revolution? Yeah, this won’t win.

Now we have The Lady In Number 6: How Music Saved My Life. Okay, listen to this. This short is about an old woman who happens to be the oldest living holocaust surviver – and the oldest living piano player. And she talks about, well, how music saved her life. A short that’s depressing, uplifting, and historically significant all at the same time? HOW CAN THIS NOT WIN?.

Finally, we have Prison Terminal: The Last Days Of Private Jack Hall. So it’s about a guy who works at a prison, and he’s terminally ill and at death’s door. And the prisoners are providing hospital care! Golly, this sounds interesting. But will I don’t think it will beat out the frontrunner.

WILL WIN: The Lady In Number 6
RUNNER UP: Facing Fear
SHOULD WIN: No clue.

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