Let’sPredict: Best Animated Feature


Okay, from now on, I don’t really care about what films I’ve seen. At least, I won’t let that apply to what order I predict them. You can still predict a category even if you haven’t seen all the nominated films. With that said, this is a category that is usually very easy to predict. And since Pixar was left off the nomination list, that seems to be the case this year.

Our first nominee is The Croods. This is a film that a lot of people have overlooked, but it really is a gem. The movie is beautiful and passionate, and while it may not be DreamWorks best film, it is the film that made me want to work at DreamWorks when I get older. Unfortunately, not nearly enough people enjoyed the film as much as I did. A win here would be surprising, but certainly not unwelcome.

Next up is Despicable Me 2. Even though the first film wasn’t nominated, 2010 was a much better year for animation than this year. And the sequel made a LOT of money, so of course it was nominated. However, the only time a sequel won this category was for Toy Story 3. And I’m sorry, but this isn’t Toy Story 3. The competition is just too strong to pull off a win

Okay, has anybody here seen Ernest & Celestine? If anyone has, can you please tell me where I can see it? Okay, so it looks like a picture book-styled film about a friendship between a bear and a mouse, and I’ve heard some pretty good things about it. But if I haven’t seen it, then how do you know Academy voters have seen it? It will most likely get votes, but it won’t be enough.

Oh, by the way, did you know that Walt Disney Animation Studios has never won this award? It seems crazy, but now, this year, they could win. You know why?

‘Cause for the first time in forever
Disney has a chance to win!
Because Frozen was a huge success
Disney’s spotlight shines again!
Maybe you could have tossed the snowman
Or one or two cliches
But for the first time in forever
For the first time in forever
Nothing’s in their way!!!!!

Well, except for maybe The Wind Rises. What was said to be Hayao Miyisaki’s last film, (Though this has been confirmed to be untrue) the film is an animated biopic about the man who invented planes during World War 2. And it was.. Okay, I haven’t seen it. I probably will see it when the english dub gets released in theaters a week before the Oscars. While it is supposed to be very good, I wonder how many have seen it.

WILL WIN: Frozen
RUNNER UP: The Wind Rises
SHOULD WIN: The Croods

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