Golden Globes livestream!

Hello everybody. Tonight I am attempting to livestream the Golden Globes. Wish me luck! And keep refreshing this page throughout the night.

7:00 – Here we go!

7:01 – Love Tina’s first line.

7:02 – Nice eye shadow, Emma Stone.

7:05 – Nice jab at David Oyelowo.

7:08 – Burn.

7:09 – OH!!!!!!

7:11 – Fey and Poehler weren’t as funny as they usually are.

7:12 – And Best Supporting Actor goes to J.K. Simmons!!! The first of many awards to come in this season.

7:14 – Cave Johnson, we’re done here.

7:15 – We’re in TV now.

7:37 – Sorry, I was eating dinner. Nice showcases of Birdman and The Imitation Game.

7:45 – Oh, maybe more people will see St. Vincent now!

7:49 – Best Score coming up. I have no idea. And the winner is The Theory Of Everything.

7:50 – And next, Best Song. The winner is ‘Glory’ from Selma.

7:53 – Okay, let’s talk about these. Theory of Everything is now the frontrunner. I’m actually rooting for Alexandre Desplat. Because he wrote Magorium. Also, ‘Glory’ is the frontrunner for song. I didn’t even think it was that good, but whatever.

8:02 – And now, a Film Drama nominee.

8:05 – Comedy/Musical actress – Either Adams or Blunt. I’m gonna say Adams.

8:06 – And the winner is… Amy Adams!

8:08 – Now she’s a serious threat to get that nomination.

8:12 – Best Animated Feature goes to… DRAGON 2. Please, PLEASE let this not repeat at the Oscars. Please, please, please, please.

8:17 – Into The Woods is looking good.

8:18 – Best Supporting Actress goes to… Patricia Arquette for Boyhood!

8:21 – Decent speech, but she’ll have to do better than that if she wants to win an Oscar.

8:28 – And Best Screenplay goes to… Birdman! And people thought Budapest would win this.

8:34 – And best Foreign Language Film goes to Leviathan! Um, okay.

8:52 – And I’m still upset about the Animated Feature category.

9:03 – And I’m STILL upset about the Animated Feature category.

9:23 – Best Director goes to… Richard Linklater for Boyhood! Well, now that just gave Boyhood the edge in Picture. (It seems inevitable that Boyhood will win Drama and Birdman will win Comedy/Musical)

9:27 – And Best Comedy/Musical Actor goes to… Michael Keaton! Nice little stop on the way to the Oscar.

9:37 – Keaton has a great speech!

9:44 – And best Comedy/Musical goes to The Grand Budapest Hotel!!! WHAT? When did Birdman, the best motion picture of the year, get shoved to the wayside by this movie that I didn’t really care for. Sadly, this means Birdman may be out of the conversation.

9:51 – And Best Actress Drama goes to… Julianne Moore!

9:52 – I was secretly hoping Rosamond Pike pulled off a shocking win here.

9:54 – And Best Actor Drama goes to… Eddie Redmayne! Congrats, he has a chance at winning the BAFTA, too.

10:00 – And finally, Meryl Streep announces that Best Motion Picture Drama is… Boyhood!

Really interesting winners, and it looks like Birdman’s Best Picture heat might be dead. It looks like Boyhood is our Best Picture winner, and oddly enough, I’m okay with it.

One thought on “Golden Globes livestream!

  1. great recap!

    I was very shocked by Birdman losing to GBH. Not too happy that Boyhood is now the Oscar frontrunner because it was very good, but the story was mediocre and therefore cant be classified as Excellent!

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