Wicked Casting Suggestions.

I thought I would post a non-Oscar related post. Don’t get used to this, but after a long time of waiting, it looks like the broadway musical Wicked is coming to the big screen. For now, it’s set for a 2016 release, but I highly doubt that’ll follow through when production hasn’t even started yet. All we know for sure is that the screenplay will be written by Winnie Holzman, who wrote the book for the musical. And Stephen Daldry is slated to direct, and since I am one of the few people who LOVED Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, I think I can count on Daldry to deliver a great film and not tone down any of the show’s darker elements.

What makes this film different from Les Misérables and Into The Woods is that I’m not going to be going into this film not knowing the source material. I know Wicked. It’s one of my favorite musicals. I almost wish I was directing it. But since I’m not, the best I can do is offer up suggestions for who should be cast. These are some of the people I would be considering, and if you have any suggestions list them in the comments. I’m going to offer up two suggestions for each role.


I think there’s a Menzel-ish quality to her voice. I know she can act and sing and I just KNOW she can do something amazing to “Defying Gravity.” But she may be a little too old to truly sell the first act.


She already took flight in Peter Pan Live and judging from her voice, I have faith that she can impress with the first act, particularly “I’m Not That Girl.” The question is, can she be believable as a wicked witch?

As Glinda – AMY ADAMS

I know, her age. But I think Adams has the talent to pull off both the perkiness and the maturity of the character. Plus, can’t you just see her doing “Thank Goodness”

Or perhaps… EMMA STONE

She impressed in Birdman, she’ll be able to do great things with this part. And I think she’s in the perfect age range. The only question is, how good is her singing voice?


He has enough charm and enough talent to be able to pull this role off. Hopefully he won’t seem too young next to his co-stars.


If Criss seems to young, Gordon-Levitt would fit right in among Hathaway and Adams. Plus, he can dance.

As The Wizard – ED HARRIS

He can easily pull off both the charm and the slyness of the character. I don’t think it’s necessary to get an actor who can sing, he can talk-sing his way through “Wonderful” to emphasize what a fraud he is.


He definitely has the talent for this role, but I think Harris fits the bill a little better.

As Madame Morrible – JUDI DENCH

She knows how to put you on edge, and on top of that, she can sing.

Or perhaps… MERYL STREEP

Because she’s Meryl. If she’s cast, they’ll definitely add more scenes with her.


He can sing all right, but wouldn’t it be funny to see him interacting with Darren Criss? (aka Harry Freaking Potter)

Or perhaps – CHRIS COULFER

No disrespect to Coulfer, but maybe his voice could emphasize his being a munchkin, seeing how they never cast a short actor in the role.


I think she can act. And sing. It’s a small part, but if she gets “The Wicked Witch Of The East” right, she will definitely have more offers in her future.

Or perhaps… LEA MICHELE

I think she’s too young to play Elphaba, but maybe this would be a good consolation prize.

As Doctor Dillamond – CHRISTOPHER WALKEN

Because you could advertize the movie with a blank poster with the words “Christopher Walken Is A Goat” And people would see it.


I think the reasons should be obvious.

Well, that was fun. I’m gonna keep you updated when they eventually do cast the movie and we’ll see if I was right.

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