Let’s Predict: Best Supporting Actress


Well, he have roughly 24 days until the Academy Awards, and it’s time for me to begin my annual “Let’s Predict” But this time, I decided I was going to do things a little differently. My Original Let’sPredicts were very much reminiscent of another film blogger whom I was seeking inspiration from. But this time, I’m gonna do my own thing. Let me know in the comments if you like this new style or if I should go back to the old way of doing things.

All right, so this first category is for Best Supporting Actress. I’ve seen all the nominees, and I feel pretty confident in my winner, so let’s begin.

5th Most Likely To Win: Laura Dern as ‘Bobbi’ in Wild

The surprise nominee of the category. Really, Dern did very little in the film, and I don’t know anybody who was predicting her. I think the only people who will vote for her are the people who love Laura Dern as an actress and want her to have an Oscar. And maybe she will win an Oscar one day for a role with more screen time. But she’s not winning for this. Maybe if her film was a Best Picture nominee, she’d stand more of a chance.

Oscar Clip: “I’ve always been someone’s daughter or mother or wifeI never got to be in the driver’s seat of my own life”

4th Most Likely To Win: Meryl Streep as ‘The Witch’ in Into The Woods

With this performance, Meryl Streep breaks her own record and earns her 19th Oscar Nomination. Really, we all knew this nomination was coming it. She’s playing the signature role of the show, the role that Bernadette Peters originated on Broadway. But the fact is, she’s not winning. If Meryl does win a fourth Oscar, it will be for a film that was better received than this. The film needed to be a Best Picture nominee for Meryl to have a good shot at this.

Oscar Clip: “I’m the hitch, I’m what no one believes, I’m – the witch! You’re all liars and thieves, like his father! Like his son will be, too! Oh, why bother? You just do what you do!”

3rd Most Likely To Win: Keira Knightley as ‘Joan Clarke’ in The Imitation Game

Knightley is a well-respected actress in a Best Picture nominee, and the role is a strong one. The problem is, I found the performance to be too slight. The film has a much better chance of winning Screenplay and/or Score. Knightley doesn’t need to win this, too. Plus, if you ask me, she gave a much better performance in Begin Again.

Oscar Clip: “We’ll have each other’s company. We’ll have each other’s minds. Sounds like a better marriage than most.”

2nd Most Likely To Win: Emma Stone as “Sam” in Birdman

Aside from getting the monologue of the year, Emma Stone is a young rising talent who’s becoming a major movie star. And don’t be surprised at all if there’s an Oscar somewhere in her future. But I don’t think it will be for this role. Even though the film is a Best Picture nominee, she’s a little young, and her role isn’t as meaty as the frontrunner in this category.

Oscar Clip: “You’re scared to death, like the rest of us, that you don’t matter! And you know what? You’re right! You don’t! It’s not important, okay! You’re not important! Get used to it.”

MY PREDICTED WINNER: Patricia Arquette as “Olivia” in Boyhood

While I wasn’t as blown away by the film as many others were, Patricia Arquette was truly amazing in this role. Yeah, there’s the whole 12 year dedication, but I like how her character evolves. I like how at the beginning she says she wants some time away from her children, but at the end she doesn’t know who she is if she isn’t a mother. It’s a performance that many people can relate to. She’s won the lion’s share of critics prizes so far. And it’s the one win for Boyhood that I will be 100% okay with.

Oscar Clip: “…I just thought there would be more.”

My Personal Ranking Of The Nominees

1.) Arquette
2.) Streep
3.) Stone
4.) Knightley
5.) Dern

3 thoughts on “Let’s Predict: Best Supporting Actress

  1. I don’t think Streep has a chance at all to win, I would put her dead last. Dern turned in a more powerful performance in her short screen time (I was a big fan of Wild). But got to give it up for Arquette, she’s pretty much a lock.

    • Thanks for the comment! The nice thing about this category is that it really doesn’t matter how you rank the bottom 4 contenders as long as Arquette is in front.

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