Let’sPredict: Best Documentary Short


Ah, here we go. One of the short film categories. How many people really care about this category? Well, the people who are nominated care about it. And it’s always one more point to get on your Oscar checklist. So, let’s take a look.

5th Most Likely To Win: The Reaper

The short is about a slaughterhouse worker. So If you ever wanted to know what that job is like, here you go. I don’t think it’s winning. The competition is too strong.

4th Most Likely To Win: White Earth

This one is about an immigrant mother and her three children, who are working in the oil fields. I could see this pulling up a shocking victory. (Although in the short categories, is anything really shocking?) But I don’t think it’s substantial enough to win here. I think the competition is a little too stiff.

3rd Most Likely To Win: Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press One

It’s about veterans. That fact alone makes it a valid contender in this category. The problem is, what message is this film trying to send? And, with AmericanSniper

2nd Most Likely To Win: Our Curse

So, apparently this baby has a disease that causes him to stop breathing at night, and his parents have to hook him up to a ventilator as he sleeps to keep him alive. Whoa. If those parents are reading this, I wish you the best of luck. With both your kid and your Oscar. In all seriousness though, this could very easily win, but somehow I see another contender coming out on top…


A blogger who is diagnosed with a terminal illness, and she’s trying to live as long as she can, all while providing her son with as much information as he needs to learn as he grows up. For one, the setup sounds like it could be an Oscar contender. For another, this short is of our times, with the whole blogging thing. This short seems like a winner to me.

I haven’t seen any of these, so no ranking from me.

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