Let’sPredict: Best Costume Design


Let me make one thing perfectly clear: this category comes down to just two films. The first 3, I can rank in any way I want. None of them have even an inkling of a chance at winning. With that said, here are the nominees.

5th Most Likely To Win: Inherent Vice

I don’t know where this nomination came from. Half the people who walked out of this movie didn’t know what to make of it. Plus, the film is set in the 1970’s. Since when does this category award costumes of such a recent time period?

4th Most Likely To Win: Mr. Turner

For some reason, they liked this movie. Enough to give it 4 nominations. And, I don’t know, maybe fans of the film will be compelled to give it a win somewhere? But then again, how many fans of this film are out there?

3rd Most Likely To Win: Maleficent

Well, they gave it to Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, and they did revision Maleficent’s outfit. Every kid’s gonna be dressed up s her for Halloween. But really, how many characters have great costumes outside of Maleficent? People have seen this. Most people agree the film wasn’t very good, and there are much stronger films in the mix. Besides, there’s another live-action fairytale that Disney is hedging their bets on.

2nd Most Likely To Win: Into The Woods

And now for the two movies that actually have a chance to win. If the academy wants to award Into The Woods somewhere, this is the easiest place for them to do it. Costume designer Colleen Atwood has won three Oscars prior to this, and everybody mostly agrees that the costumes are great. I say ‘mostly’ because of Johnny Depp’s wolf, which quite simply was not the right way to go with this character. And

MY PREDICTED WINNER: The Grand Budapest Hotel

It’s the only Best Picture nominee in the category. Granted, that’s not required to win this category, but considering how well liked the film is, and because it’s the frontrunner to win Production Design, I’d say it’s the frontrunner to win here. There’s also the fact that the costume design is just the right blend of period and fantasy,  and it should be just the kind of thing Oscar voters should gravitate towards.

My Personal Ranking Of The Nominees

1.) Into The Woods
2.) The Grand Budapest Hotel
3.) Maleficent

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