Let’sPredict: Best Film Editing


This is one of the most difficult categories to predict this year. Do you go with the Best Picture contender, or the film with the showier editing? Well, we’ll find put in a second. On to the nominees.

5th Most Likely To Win: The Imitation Game

Every year we get at least one nominee in this category that only exists to show the overall strength of the film’s Best Picture chances. This year we have two. This film has no chance whatsoever of winning in this category…

4th Most Likely To Win: The Grand Budapest Hotel

…And neither does this film. Okay, so maybe you could argue that this film has a better shot at winning because the editing helps with Wes Anderson’s style, and the film is very well liked. But I just can’t see it happening. The nomination in itself was such a surprise. The way I see it, this category comes down to three nominees.

3rd Most Likely To Win: American Sniper

Now some people say that this could win because the film has a lot of support. And granted, it is the frontrunner to win in the sound categories. But because the film doesn’t have a directing nomination, and it hasn’t really won a ton of other awards, I’m not sure if the film is really beloved. If anything, it seems divisive.

2nd Most Likely To Win: Boyhood

The way I see, it comes down to these two. It’s got the whole ’12 years of footage’ thing going for it, and it won the ACE Award. Plus, it’s one of the top two Best picture contenders. This could very easily be your winner, and yet… the editing isn’t very noticeable. Usually, they go for the film that has the most flashy editing. With that said…


It just makes sense to me. It won the BAFTA, and people clearly love the editing, which is not only very noticeable but also very good. And people clearly love the film, seeing how it’s a Best Picture nominee. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just have a hunch that Whiplash will come out victorious in this category.

My Personal Ranking Of The Nominees

1.) Whiplash
2.) American Sniper
3.) Boyhood
4.) The Imitation Game
5.) The Grand Budapest Hotel

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